Ashes To Ashes
Defeat The Stygian.
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Like the original worm the best thing to do is when you're riding around on your steed the only way to kill him is to shoot the glowing part of its mouth. To uncover its mouth when he's on the surface circling around the area your ride along the side of its mouth and slice at it as much as possible before it goes underground and tries to charge at you again. Once off he'll go under the sand and summon these mini worms don't worry about actually killing them just ride around more shoot your bullets and try not to let them hit you too much. Eventually the stygian will rise again chasing you and you just keep running the fuck away and pelting its mouth with bullets eventually it'll collapse in which you just ride up to it, tap B and you have yourself a dead sygian heart and 40 G gamerscore to add.
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