Aerial Predator
Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast.
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KKBensen Gaming211
Best to do it on Easy. Just avoid all the real damage dealers and focus on all the little fodder that fly around. Hold down the Lock On button and scan quickly on each side and then let it fly before they fly too far away. Those giant demons are nothing but in the way. Angels are the only real threat.
5 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
ok this is really bugging me alot and was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks on how to do this ? also i do not know how to change difficulty so if some on chould tell me that it would be a huge help
5 years ago
got it! finally...... i would suggest opening up a separate save file for this since this is the only sequence where you ride an angelic beast. goodluck!!!
5 years ago
did you do it on easy, was there any difference?
5 years ago
unfortunately i did it on normal. i am guessing easy mode allows you to kill an enemy with lesser damage, but i am also guessing there may be fewer enemies.
5 years ago
Just did this today. Did it on Apocalyptic, just blow the sh*t outta everything!
5 years ago
does anyone know if the difficulty level yields more enemies or is it the same across all? i can get close to this kill ratio, but since i am playing on normal difficulty, those annoying angels that shoot of 3 homing missles won't seem to die off, and they end up flying off the screen before i can even kill them. i wonder if this would be easier to get on a weaker difficulty setting where the enemies actually die, and i can target new ones. so annoying...
5 years ago
bryancarr Sponsor
hate this cant get it....
4 years ago
Alaphshadow Sponsor
can someone tell if you have to do this in one run or can i just keep loading my save before this section casue ive reloaded a save and done it five or seven times now and havent gotten it. any ideas?
5 years ago
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