Improvised Kills
Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment.
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Start this from the very beginning of the game, lots of weak zombie enemies around. Use everything; cars, trash cans, lamp posts, chairs. I got it at 400 kills before the angelic beast level.
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bombs do count, but explosions do not.
in other words, if you throw a bomb at a spider, and it doesn't die on initial impact, it doesn't count. the force of the throw has to kill it for it to count.
4 years ago
yes i can conferm that bombs DO count, i got this in the temple with all the spiders there is a room with a bomb and elevator aswell as lots of spiders go in the room and kill the spiders and then back track to the area at the end of the ally, go down the stairs but DONT jump off the ledge insted return to the elevator room and all the spiders will be back. Wash rince and repet until u get it hope it helps :)
5 years ago
Do bombs count?
5 years ago
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