Open Air Parking
Destroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle.
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You can deactivate "demon mode" by pressing the same buttons you used to activate it (LB + RT).
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You can get this easy 5-pointer in the very first section of the game. You will start off fighting a demon who is standing on top of a bus. When he jumps down from the bus, you will be prompted to press LB and RT to enter "demon mode" but DO NOT DO IT! Apparently, when you are in demon mode, you can't pick up any vehicles to down the chopper. Instead, kill the demon in your regular form and continue on. Very soon, you will turn a corner to the right and there will be a cutscene after which you are facing a rock giant. This is where you get your achievement. Simply pick up a car, press the right stick in to bring up your aiming reticle, and look to the sky. You should see a chopper. Lauch the vehicle and boom, 5 points. If you miss, you can just reload the checkpoint.
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