Talent Pool
Complete Talent Pool.
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This mission is in the Tops casino. Head up the stairs to the lounge and talk to Tommy (I think?). From there you have to talk to 4 people and get them to preform at the lounge. Not to hard.
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camulous1986 Mustache
be sure to save often. You have to do a lot of running around for this quest and the game still glitches while your tranitiong between areas.
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Red420 Guardian2015
The first is inside the strip at the gate talk give him the card, the next is inside "Atomic Wranglert" dinner and after talking to the Ghoul must convince his current boss to let him go( high enough Barter or Speech works), third guy is in Novac in upstairs hotel room convince him it's safer in The Tops, the last is by billboard near El Dorado Dry Lake just tell to head over to Tommy. Annoying part is for each person you have to go back to Tommy get your share before getting the next person.

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