Race your friends to Xbox LIVE Gamerscore! Check out some actively running races below or create your own to get going.

Staff Races
Scrap Metal Achievement Race!
30 competitors face off against Geoff and Jack and try to beat their asses in Scrap Metal!
Achievement Hunter Staff Race
The first official Achievement Hunter race. Who will be the first to cross the 1k mark?

Just Started
Cathedral Race
Do it. Do it. Be a winner. -HJ
Quick Race
Don't know if this still works
Kyler and Tanner
Ended 5 months ago.
Race to 10,000
Ended 2 months ago.
To anyone who's under 10,000 and wants to race with me to reach my goal of 10K
Switchball Race
Rook vs. Teggers.
Race to 100k
100k gamerscore has always been one of my longterm goals for XBL, and I plan on getting there. Anyone else who wants to get there feel free to join. Just comment your gamer tag, add me if you want, and lets go get it!
The RAYce
Join in on the long term race to Ray's current gamerscore (as of April 13, 2013) of 350,000G. Anyone can join, and I will try to check consistently for new people who wish to join.
Reddit Race
My Race Based off of the choices made in this thread: www.reddit.com/r/roosterteeth/comments/1bxjs...
The race
first to 10.5K points 100,000 Gamerscore
Anyone can join just comment
Get points