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YouTube Videos for Piata Value

Viva Piñata - Piñata Value Master Achievement Guide
Posted by AH Community

Let's Play Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise -- Episode 1
Posted by RekiWylls

Viva Piñata - Six Million Dollar Pinata
Posted by 4KidsTV

Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise video 1
Posted by valay5

Viva Pinata: All Achievements (Most of them LOL)
Posted by Zanderr

Viva Pinata TIP - How to get a Fourheads(Four headed Syrupent)
Posted by raydyas

Let's Play - Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (Part 1: Why am I playing this game?)
Posted by iGodAtMinecraft

Let's Play Viva Pinata (Xbox 360) #29 - Last Breeding
Posted by madmatt667

Viva Piñata Trouble In Paradise: How To Get A LOT Of Money!
Posted by PinataTips

viva piñata video análise xbox 360 parte 1
Posted by Skarley X

Posted by basedkaylapinata

Viva Piñata - Macaroon Gift and Pigxie Prize Achievement Guide
Posted by AH Community

Rare Banjo Threeie and Viva Pinata interview
Posted by coolhypedmovies

Viva Pinata TiP - Variant Guide - Arocknid (Ep.1)
Posted by zedjadark94

Nova serie, Viva Piñata, VIVA !!! #EP00
Posted by NerdRalls

Viva Pinata Achievement ''Pigxie Prize''
Posted by Artifill

Viva Piñata - Garden Value Master Achievement Guide
Posted by AH Community

Viva Pinata Longevity Master (Secret Achievement)
Posted by ScottZnk

Viva Pinata Achievement ''Taffly Fertilizer''
Posted by Artifill

Viva Pinata:How to get an amazing garden!
Posted by basedkaylapinata

Viva Pinata Achievement ''Pinata Value Master''
Posted by Artifill

Viva Pinata the Video Game! Arocknid Variants!
Posted by GameOnBros13

Viva Pinata Episode 6 [Whirlm With A Dream] HQ
Posted by Sam Guy

Stumpt Ash & Price Play - Viva Pinata - #45 - Chewnicorn Frustration
Posted by Stumpt

#3 Viva Pinata - Get's Lots of Chocolate Coins ($100,000 achievement) tutorial
Posted by HowToGaming

Let's Play: Viva Pinata (Part 18 - I could have called her Kaylee...)
Posted by darkkai3gaming

Viva Pinata - 4 headed snake! LP pt.2
Posted by Danny Boy89

Let's Play Viva Pinata Part 03 Romance Master - Peadee Plays Viva Piñata - Peadee Games
Posted by Peadee Games

Viva Pinata Achievement ''Pinata Value''
Posted by Artifill

Let's Play Viva Piñata - 35 - Master Mousemallow Romancer
Posted by TheFoxern