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Hitler Song One - Heil Hitler lol :P
YouTube Videos for An Old Friend

Old Friend
Posted by XxDarklightXZanzaXx

Darksiders An Old Friend Achievement Unlock
Posted by TheAchievementPros

Let's Play Darksiders - Part 20 - An old friend
Posted by Qieth

[SCA] DarkSiders II - EP 003: "Meeting Old Friends"
Posted by SeriousCreeper

Let's Play DARKSIDERS 1: Part 30 My Old Friend "Mercy" The Gun With Unlimited Ammo PC

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough - Part 4 "An Old Friend" / Gameplay
Posted by AntastiqGames

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 159 Confronting an old friend
Posted by Riseofasoljatv

Let's Play Darksiders Part 29 -- Rescuing an old friend
Posted by chymera45

Darksiders 2 Lets Play Episode 7: Meeting Our Old Friend!
Posted by BlammeltonGames

Darksiders - Part 5 - "Reunited with old friends."
Posted by DrgoFx

Darksiders 2 Playthrough Part 4: Getting beat up by Gorewood & Meeting an old friend (German/HD)
Posted by drcalypso1

DarkSiders Cheats and Hints - GAMEPLAY CODES

(SOG) Bravo Old Chap - Trophy I Achievement Unlock (DARKSIDERS 2)
Posted by squareonegames

Let's Play DarkSiders 2 Part 6: Vulgrim!
Posted by TheTolhe

Let's Play Darksiders 063 - Saying Goodbye
Posted by BurningDogFace

Let's Play Darksiders 031 - Ruin
Posted by BurningDogFace

Let's Play Darksiders 2 Episode 22: Hating On Field Puzzles (Pt 4/4)
Posted by Hake6

Lets Play Darksiders Episode 49: Mercy
Posted by WorldofTomorrowInc

Darksiders 2 Playthrough - Part 6: End of Tears and Gorewood
Posted by LinkinX112

Let's Play Darksiders II - Part 1: If That's Death, I Don't Want to Live
Posted by VibrantEchoes

Let's Play Darksiders 2 Episode 56: Heretic Plus Defeats the Wailing Host
Posted by HereticPlus

(HD) Let's Play Darksiders Part 36
Posted by ThastenRenarLP

Drakmyth Plays Darksiders 2 - 006 - Long Time No See
Posted by Drakmyth

Darksiders [25] Tying Up Loose Ends
Posted by Paladin Null

Let's Play and 100% complete Darksiders - Part 15 - The Hollows, Second Half
Posted by TheJeffAndDavidShow

Let's Play Darksiders 2 Episode 59: First Steps onto Earth
Posted by HereticPlus

Darksiders 2 Lets Play Episode 19
Posted by BlammeltonGames

Let's Play Darksiders (PS3, Episode 26)
Posted by gamesNcritics

Darksiders - Part 46: Arena Battle - Walkthrough / Let's Play
Posted by praskieva

Let's Play Darksiders II 065 - Unhappy Trails
Posted by BurningDogFace