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crazy taxi 3(PC) loco 99.999.99
YouTube Videos for Original A-license

Crazy Taxi - Original Mode "S License" Trophy (Playstation 3)
Posted by HsyperSakuraRevenge

Crazy Taxi - Arcade Mode "A License" Trophy (Playstation 3)
Posted by HsyperSakuraRevenge

Crazy Taxi 2 - Class A license run
Posted by dtemple87

Crazy Taxi - Arcade Mode "C License" Trophy (Playstation 3)
Posted by HsyperSakuraRevenge

Dreamcast/ Crazy Taxi Ep. 1: Class A License!
Posted by theboogiemans Arcade

Crazy Taxi 1 - Endscreen Licenses
Posted by GhettoKarter1992

Crazy Taxi Arcade S-License Achievement Guide | Commentary
Posted by Bradley Parks

Crazy Taxi fare wars psp AWESOME license
Posted by Kaka Carrot Cake

Posted by Theguythatnotsmoke

Crazy Taxi Class S License
Posted by VideoGameConnection

Oldschool game: Crazy taxi 2 - Dreamcast.
Posted by musicmaniac1965

Official Crazy Taxi™: City Rush - Teaser Trailer
Posted by TouchGameplay

Crazy Taxi 2 - Select Your Character Theme (Cut & Looped)
Posted by WhoamIbutwhoareyou

Crazy Taxi S License Run
Posted by Rlan3

Crazy Taxi - Dreamcast - S Class License
Posted by Chris Haller

Driving Games - Episode1; Crazy Taxi | CRAZY CRAZY TAXI
Posted by ChibiKage89

Crazy Taxi - B.D. Joe Playthrough
Posted by TheLegendOfRenegade

Crazy Taxi PC acade map crazy license (75 customers)
Posted by Yui Fai Alex Wong

Crazy Taxi (Part 1 of 15) - $115,267.89 - 229 customers - New World Record!!!
Posted by BoricuaGaming

Crazy Taxi 2 - AROUND APPLE - 5 Minutes
Posted by cogontheweb

Crazy Taxi: City Rush - First Gameplay Footage
Posted by 148Apps

Crazy Taxi 2 - Intro
Posted by DreamcastPowerbase

Crazy Taxi: Original City, Arcade Rules, B.D. Joe - Part 5 (Dreamcast)
Posted by PickHutHG

Libyan - Crazy Taxi - Police S License!
Posted by PassionOverImage

Crazy Box: 1-1 [Crazy Taxi]
Posted by TheDraggie

Crazy Taxi - Gena in Original Mode
Posted by Ninsegalover

Crazy Taxi - $118,640.52 - 238 customers - New World Record, November 2013
Posted by A.L.

CRAZY TAXI - Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video)
Posted by lonniedos

Crazy Taxi - Arcade Rules - Crazy License/65 customers
Posted by hddr3

Crazy Taxi: City Rush preview and comparison with original
Posted by GamesRadar