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YouTube Videos for Strategist

Final Fantasy XIII-2 | Serendipitous + Chocobo Racing Achievement/Trophy Guide
Posted by VesperAzure

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Playthrough #086, Academia 4XX AF (4/4), Silver Chocobo
Posted by heorotlinea

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Review - Inside Gaming
Posted by Machinima

DayZ l Pt.3 l Strategist
Posted by Wreckulate

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Giant's Fist Trophy / Achievement Guide
Posted by PowerPyx

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Serendipity Lucky Coin Fragment + Serendipitous Trophy
Posted by gtasthehunter

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Obsidian Medal Trophy / Achievement Guide
Posted by PowerPyx

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Beast Tamer Trophy / Achievement Guide (Don Tonberry Location)
Posted by PowerPyx

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (13-2) "Clock Stopper" Easy Achievement/Trophy Guide - Xbox 360/PS3
Posted by NewVegasLightning

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Platinum Trophy Walkthrough (118-US) Platinum Trophy checking in
Posted by SplitPlaythru

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning and Amodar DLC Battle
Posted by 469devil

Neverwinter - Level 5 Control Wizard Gameplay - Mind Over Power Part 2
Posted by LiuBei Virtue

The Patch #33
Posted by Rooster Teeth

FFT:TWotL (ENG sub ITA/ENG) - 06 - Riunione con Delita (Reassume Dilita)
Posted by ShinraTurks

P1 team teaching
Posted by Ed.Infantil C.Montserrat

Bioshock | Let´s Play | Español | Parte 8
Posted by XDZoneGames

Uncharted 3 - Interview Arne Meyer
Posted by crossg4mers

Trev's UZST - Ultimate Zombie Survival Team! - 5 Characters
Posted by Trevschan2

TLOU The FireFly Lab Survivor Part 2
Posted by Evolved Soldier

Jimmie Johnson: Anything with an Engine Review
Posted by GotGame

SC2 Defending Cheese #3: 6 - 7 Pool
Posted by osiris143

Top 14 Organization XIII Members (Collab with Obsidius Fan) (Part 2)
Posted by Doggielover10124

Napoleon Total War Campañas de la Coalición - Gameplay trailer 2 - SPAIN
Posted by canalgamer

Bring the action STR
Posted by pantha92

Let's Play Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII IN ENGLISH (sort of) for just under 90 minutes
Posted by MysteriousJG

The Last Of Us Online Match Survivor
Posted by Evolved Soldier

Modern Warfare 3 Title Update 8 Detailed
Posted by Escapist News

(PvT) Valy vs FoxValoR (March 04, 2011)
Posted by Drummer Newb

FINALLY!!! Games, Now Legally Art.
Posted by Julio Garcia

(PvZ) Valy vs Raznox (February 02, 2011)
Posted by Drummer Newb