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The Darkness 2 Walkthrough Part 6 - A sad panda with a cane
YouTube Videos for Don of Darkness

The Darkness 2 - Normal & Alternate Ending - HD 1080p (Xbox 360)
Posted by Zoomin.TV Games

The Darkness 2 E3 2011 Trailer [HD]
Posted by Machinima

Don't Lose Your Head - The Darkness II Gameplay (Xbox 360)
Posted by gamespot

The Darkness 2 - All Relic Locations (Relic Hunter Trophy / Achievement Guide)
Posted by PowerPyx

The Darkness II: Vendettas Co-op
Posted by IGN

Hannah Plays! - The Darkness II Demo - Part 1
Posted by YOGSCAST Hannah

I don't need friends, I'm a part of the darkness.
Posted by Willasaurus Rex

The Darkness 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro (Xbox 360/PC/PS3)
Posted by theRadBrad

The Darkness II - Relic Hunter Achievement
Posted by IGN

The Darkness II - Victor - Final Boss Fight
Posted by GT News

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness
Posted by thestrokesVEVO

[1] The Shadow Shaman (The Darkness 2 Vendetta w/ GaLm)
Posted by GaLm

[1] Jackie's Reign (Let's Play The Darkness 2 w/ GaLm)
Posted by GaLm

The Darkness 2 - Brothel gameplay video (mature only) - Full HD 1080p Xbox 360
Posted by Zoomin.TV Games

Sisterhood Of Darkness 2 Nollywood Movie
Posted by Globalupdatemovies/Nollywood

The Darkness II True Ending (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)
Posted by GT News

The Darkness 2 Launch Trailer [HD]
Posted by Machinima

The Darkness II (2012) HD | Demo Gameplay 1/2
Posted by Tom

The Darkness 2 - Ending Cutscene/Secret Ending - Hardest Difficulty/New Game+ - Part 32
Posted by Lazysgames

Brynhildr in the Darkness OP 2 [HD]
Posted by Tintou Tenshi

The Darkness II False Ending (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)
Posted by GT News

Hannah Plays! - The Darkness II - Part 1 - Meet the Crew
Posted by YOGSCAST Hannah

The Darkness 2 - Hardest Difficulty/New Game+ - Part 1
Posted by Lazysgames

Let's Play The Darkness 2 - Episode 17: The Darkling Rescue
Posted by Brian2one0

The Darkness 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary
Posted by SnoorkGaming

The Voice Of The Darkness
Posted by TheWulfMajor

The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) (Official Music Video)
Posted by RhinoEntertainment

Angel of Darkness- Nightcore 10 hours
Posted by Tralfazz74

Angel Of Darkness Lyrics
Posted by SM2J96

The Darkness II - 2 Guys 1 Pole Achievement Guide
Posted by Rooster Teeth