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YouTube Videos for Who dares challenge me?

End early glitch! And You dare challenge me!!!!!!Sniper?!,!?!?!?!?!
Posted by Herbert Chen

Challenge Me At COD I DARE YA
Posted by ProtoMario

Dare Grim Sniper Multi CoD Dare Recruitment Challenge(old)
Posted by Vatican GRM#HeadStaff

Dare: Ghosts "Rivalry" Recruitment Challenge! [DR]
Posted by DareRising

*NEW* Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge | Dare to be Different
Posted by LeaderOfTheFlock

The Super Sniper Human Infiltrator - Platinum Gameplay (Mass Effect 3)
Posted by N7SPECOPS

Montage Sniper Black Ops 2 | Dare Japzo | By Me
Posted by McRiderx8

MIIZT | "Ghosts Plans, Dare Recruitment Challenge?" Black Ops 2 FFA Sniping
Posted by Iron MIIZT

Dare TnzR the Warlock Sniper / 3 Piece ACE
Posted by Dare 7nzR

Ruse Sniping Teamtage 1 - by Dare ZW
Posted by Ruse Revelation

Dare URi | Black Ops 2 Sniper Montage! [Daytage]
Posted by @ObeyURi. //

Black Ops: Challenge Me, I DARE YOU!
Posted by xDoucheHD

Age: 30,000 Subscriber Recruitment Challenge!
Posted by Age - Trickshots & Sniping (AgeOutbreak)

iR_OwRiginal : Dare Challenge You Réponse ! [ Join iR ]
Posted by OwRiginal Is Back

L7 Supras- Dare Recruitment Challenge PART 1 [WON]
Posted by Supramecy

Dare Recruitment Challenge Entry! Dare RoKa?
Posted by RoKa

How dare you CHALLENGE me!
Posted by Marcus Hall

Skyz ReV l Dare Recruitment Challenge 200k l Sick!!
Posted by TheOuchiesS

What is CODforCHARITY? Dare Dino Returns! 21-4 SNIPING!
Posted by CODforCHARITY

Community Tricktage l Ep.1 l
Posted by BLiNDzZPS3

Dare Recruitment Challenge Response
Posted by wP Clue

Dare [DR] Response (PS3 Sniper)
Posted by dopeTeaOG

The Dare River Challenge
Posted by New Channel

Dare Uprising Rc
Posted by Dare Uprising PS3 TrickShotting And Sniping

Dare 100k Recruitment Challenge Response! | Driztral |
Posted by Driztral

dZ Baz @ Dare Recruitment Challenge!
Posted by FaZe Bazi • Oli

Posted by catrific

Dare Sniping Clip Edit
Posted by DreamsxHD

Dare Challenge #1: Call of Duty Black Ops II "Combat Training on Veteran"
Posted by GamingFilMaker

dZ Sniping: 30k Recruitment Challenge!
Posted by dZ - Trickshotting & Sniping (dZOriginals)