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YouTube Videos for No one in sight…

Shot In The Hood Prank (Original Sniper Prank)
Posted by EpicFiveTV

LVL 61 Buffalo - Iron Sights Sniper | Red Text Weapons | Borderlands 2 Rare and Unique gun
Posted by KackisHD

Battlefield 4 - Sniping M98B Iron Sight | No Scope Collateral
Posted by GhostPlayer

N°1 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 410fps VaVAnN
Posted by vavann

Black Ops 2: Ballista Iron Sights Gameplay (Unscoped Sniper)
Posted by MoejoeWins

Battlefield 4 Cheytac (SRR-61) long range sniping gameplay (No commentary/music BS)
Posted by minigunmania

Battlefield 3 - Weekly compilation #7 (iron sight sniping, other awesomeness)
Posted by Niroste

Load Up Loadout - CS-LR4 Sniping With Iron Sights (Battlefield 4 Commentary/Gameplay)
Posted by Asal

Call of Duty: GHOST Multiplayer - SNIPER Gameplay & Epic No Scope! (COD Ghosts Sniping HD)
Posted by Ali-A

BF4 Sight Guide: Best Scopes & Sniper Glint Explained (Battlefield 4 Launch Commentary)
Posted by LevelCapGaming

Sniper attack on PG&E electrical grid site shows power grid's vulnerability to terrorism
Posted by GroundZeroMosque .

Airsoft War L96 Snipers Section8 Scotland HD
Posted by scoutthedoggie

Black Ops 2 Ballista "Iron Sight" Sniper Gameplay
Posted by Super

TEAM DEATHMATCH SNIPER CACTUS (Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Xbox One)
Posted by objektif sight

How to Sight in a Sniper Rifle with Pete and Nate Part 1 Desert Tech HTI 50 BMG
Posted by Hank Strange

BF4 Iron Sight CS-LR4 Sniper Gameplay (26-4 Uncut)
Posted by SYF_Gaming | Battlefield 4

Red Dot Sniping! [Battlefield 4 Live: XBOX ONE]
Posted by TheSandyRavage

Lessons in Sniping - Ep 1 - Sniper Hubs and Sight Lines on Standoff - Black Ops 2
Posted by SpectreTheHorseman

BF4 SV98 Iron Sights Sniper Montage (Battlefield 4 Sniper Gameplay PS4)
Posted by Golden Eagle

COD:MW3 | Becoming a PRO SNIPER -Tutorial (How to quick scope/no scope/snipe) -EP.1
Posted by LDA

Black Ops 2: The Return of Iron Sight Ballista Sniping Live Ep.1
Posted by Super

Battlefield 4 L96A1 Holo Sight Sniper Gameplay! (BF4 Aggressive Recon #6)
Posted by ThePwnstar4hire - Gaming Variety

HINDSIGHT (An Iron Sight Sniping Minitage)
Posted by D3WDify

Sniper:Target In Sight
Posted by Seagle1984

Ballista with laser sight | my sniper alone black ops 2 sniper live commentary
Posted by Art of Reflex

BF4 Howto Recon Ep.13 No Scopes & Hipfire | Sniping Tips & Tricks (Recon Tutorial)
Posted by luckySkillFaker

Battlefield 3: Iron Sights Headshots (~1000m) with all Bolt Action Snipers
Posted by Est0niaVisit

The Ingenuity and Craftmanship of WWI Sniper Camouflage
Posted by MuseumSecrets TV

No More Hardcore Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay on "Xbox One" - 338 Recon Sniping
Posted by Super

Battlefield 4 Bolt Sniper Gameplay - SCOUT ELITE Iron Sight
Posted by tejbz