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80-9 Aug Ownage - Black Ops
YouTube Videos for No one in sight…

Shot In The Hood Prank (Original Sniper Prank)
Posted by EpicFiveTV

LVL 61 Buffalo - Iron Sights Sniper | Red Text Weapons | Borderlands 2 Rare and Unique gun
Posted by KackisHD

Battlefield 4 - Sniping M98B Iron Sight | No Scope Collateral
Posted by GhostPlayer

Black Ops 2: Ballista Iron Sights Gameplay (Unscoped Sniper)
Posted by MoejoeWins

N°1 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 410fps VaVAnN
Posted by vavann

Battlefield 4 Cheytac (SRR-61) long range sniping gameplay (No commentary/music BS)
Posted by minigunmania

Battlefield 3 - Weekly compilation #7 (iron sight sniping, other awesomeness)
Posted by Niroste

Load Up Loadout - CS-LR4 Sniping With Iron Sights (Battlefield 4 Commentary/Gameplay)
Posted by Asal

Call of Duty: GHOST Multiplayer - SNIPER Gameplay & Epic No Scope! (COD Ghosts Sniping HD)
Posted by Ali-A

BF4 Sight Guide: Best Scopes & Sniper Glint Explained (Battlefield 4 Launch Commentary)
Posted by LevelCapGaming

Black Ops 2 Ballista "Iron Sight" Sniper Gameplay
Posted by Super

TEAM DEATHMATCH SNIPER CACTUS (Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Xbox One)
Posted by objektif sight

Airsoft War L96 Snipers Section8 Scotland HD
Posted by scoutthedoggie

Sniper attack on PG&E electrical grid site shows power grid's vulnerability to terrorism
Posted by GroundZeroMosque .

How to Sight in a Sniper Rifle with Pete and Nate Part 1 Desert Tech HTI 50 BMG
Posted by Hank Strange

BF4 Iron Sight CS-LR4 Sniper Gameplay (26-4 Uncut)
Posted by SYF_Gaming | Battlefield 4

Red Dot Sniping! [Battlefield 4 Live: XBOX ONE]
Posted by TheSandyRavage

Lessons in Sniping - Ep 1 - Sniper Hubs and Sight Lines on Standoff - Black Ops 2
Posted by SpectreTheHorseman

Clip-on Sniper Night Sight (CoSNS), AN/PVS-30
Posted by PEO Soldier

BF4 SV98 Iron Sights Sniper Montage (Battlefield 4 Sniper Gameplay PS4)
Posted by Golden Eagle

COD:MW3 | Becoming a PRO SNIPER -Tutorial (How to quick scope/no scope/snipe) -EP.1
Posted by LDA

Ballista with laser sight | my sniper alone black ops 2 sniper live commentary
Posted by Art of Reflex

HINDSIGHT (An Iron Sight Sniping Minitage)
Posted by D3WDify

Black Ops 2: The Return of Iron Sight Ballista Sniping Live Ep.1
Posted by Super

Battlefield 4 L96A1 Holo Sight Sniper Gameplay! (BF4 Aggressive Recon #6)
Posted by ThePwnstar4hire - Gaming Variety

Sniper:Target In Sight
Posted by Seagle1984

BF4 Howto Recon Ep.13 No Scopes & Hipfire | Sniping Tips & Tricks (Recon Tutorial)
Posted by luckySkillFaker

Battlefield 3: Iron Sights Headshots (~1000m) with all Bolt Action Snipers
Posted by Est0niaVisit

The Ingenuity and Craftmanship of WWI Sniper Camouflage
Posted by MuseumSecrets TV

No More Hardcore Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay on "Xbox One" - 338 Recon Sniping
Posted by Super