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Modern Warfare 2 Team Deathmatch on Favela
YouTube Videos for Stunningly class

TitanFall Longbow-DMR Sniper Review "Titan Gang Banged" [FACE CAM] | "Longbow-DMR Class SetUp"
Posted by Pico210

Battlefield Bootcamp | Mastering The Recon Class: Sniping
Posted by Official EA UK

SWToR advanced Class Guide | Hunter Guide Leveling | SWToR sniper Guide
Posted by RandallMillsis

VKS - Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide
Posted by XboxAhoy

Stunning Killcam
Posted by jokdnhr

Stunning World Class Coin Magic - Michael Vincent
Posted by credit-card

Xbox Modern Warfare 3 Best Sniping Class
Posted by GamingStopCentral

Warside Classes Trailer
Posted by XBLA Ratings

Speechless on MW3
Posted by jokdnhr

Stunning To The Next Level SICK!
Posted by TheGamerCommunityHD

TF2 Gameplay Commentary #1 - SO MANY SNIPERS!
Posted by Rembreaux

Police Swarm Lincoln Tunnel to Investigate 911 Caller's Claims of Sniper on Building
Posted by breakingnews48

Road To Pro Sniper w/ Facecam - Call of Duty Ghosts
Posted by Ms 5ooo Watts

Killzone - A Awesome Sniper Montage
Posted by GBK Edit ( Guiblork )

Warhammer 40k. Space marine scout squad with sniper rifles - painting tutorial war
Posted by JAXIMIZE w

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2: First 30 Minutes Walkthrough Gameplay Lets Play Xbox360/PS3/PC/Wiiu
Posted by Dekap

Dragon Nest INA Ladder Sniper vs Lunar Knight
Posted by Adhe Koplak

STUNNING Mid-Game Two Piece Ladderstall!
Posted by dZ Cinema

GCI 48-0 TDM Sniper Gameplay
Posted by BEZQonUtube

My Thoughts on the Xbox One (Battlefield 4 Sniper Gameplay)
Posted by MagicAmmunition

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Onslaught DLC - MAVERICK A2 Sniper Rifle! (1080p HD)
Posted by GamingRacerHD

Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 [Fort Refugia] (PC Max settings)
Posted by The World of Kinduci

Destiny Alpha Walkthrough Ep.1 | Character Class & Customization and 1st Campaign Mission [PS4 HD]
Posted by NextGenTactics

BATTLEFIELD 4 - SNIPING Multiplayer Gameplay (PS4)
Posted by khalid2542

UFOs and You: Experiential Contact for Beginners Class Preview
Posted by Jon Kelly

PyroFalkon plays X-Men Origins Wolverine Ep 14 - The Worst Sniper
Posted by PyroFalkon's Let's Play Extravaganza

Sniping in Style! (Xbox One)
Posted by Myst Vibe

COD Ghosts: Sniping With Stun! Ep. #1 [LIVE]
Posted by Stun

Sniping for Fun!
Posted by MezBeRandom

Black Ops 2 - Sniping Hijacked Domination! (awesome)
Posted by UnionJxck