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G-SHoTz-DAN Perfect Sniper Montage
YouTube Videos for Scope dope

Battlefield 4: Sniping Tutorial- How to "DOPE Your Scope" and Estimate Bullet Drop

Battlefield 4: Sniping Tutorial. How to Become a Better Sniper in BF4.

BEGINNER AIRSOFT Sniper 101: Installation and Adjusting ( zero-in) Your Scope
Posted by 808Kameleon

BF4: SRR-61 + 40X SCOPE - Where is it useful & Tips! (Battlefield 4 Gameplay/Commentary)
Posted by Chance Gaming Media

►BF4 Sniper Changes! - Range Finder, Zeroing & More!
Posted by Breezy

DoPe Vi7V7Vi MW2 Move If You Want It Montage Quick Scope Montage
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

SNIPER 101 Part 16 - Scope Turrets (2/2)
Posted by TiborasaurusRex

Modern Combat 2: PRETTY DOPE NO SCOPES. (Sniper Montage) [HD]
Posted by mos3sgameplays

Black Ops 2 Online Multiplayer Sniper Quick Scope Montage/Gameplay [Community]
Posted by DubStepZz

DoPe Vi7V7Vi MW2 Intervention Montage All The Above
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

You're Gonna Go Far Kid- Black Ops Sniper Montage DoPe BaLL3R
Posted by DoPeBaLL3R

Battlefield 4 - recon's daily routine (sniping with x40 scope) :D
Posted by ThreeTwoOh

Practical D.O.P.E. - Long-Range Rifle Shooting Technique
Posted by National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF

DoPe Vi7V7Vi COD MW2 Push It Quick Scope Montage
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

DoPe Vi7V7Vi MW2 Thunderstuck Quickscope Montage
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

The Barrett BORS sniper computer scope
Posted by Kelly Alwood

Dope Scope
Posted by Nicholas Camidge

Remix : Dope Quickscope / Sniper montage BO2
Posted by Michael Bell

Killa Season MW2 Intervention DoPe Vi7V7Vi
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

Pretty Dope No Scope on Terminal!
Posted by TheBriickSquad

Sniper Hill rope a dope
Posted by Guillermo Hurtado

D.O.P.E. The Scope
Posted by DoubleTapShooting

My Scope is #DOPE
Posted by San dazo

MW2 Numb Quick Scope Montage DoPe Vi7V7Vi
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

COD Modern Warfare 2 Best Search and Destroy Montage by DoPe Vi7V7Vi
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

DoPe TWiTCH COD BLaCK oPS MoNTaGe edited by DoPe Vi7V7Vi
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

KarmaEffecTz :: DOPE "Gain the Lead!"
Posted by SingleHaloClips

Dope longshot with sniper
Posted by Raoul Duke

DoPe Vi7V7Vi MW2 Quick Scope Montage OpTic Midnite wins
Posted by Vi7V7Vi

COD GHOSTS Online Multiplayer Sniper Quick Scope Montage/Gameplay
Posted by Super