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YouTube Videos for Piercing eyes

The Gun That Aims Itself (Documentary)
Posted by Motherboard

Levando sniper PB
Posted by LucassoGamePlays

Sniper Elite V2 Gameplay And First Look [HD]
Posted by ZeeRoo911

Sniper Elite V2. Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire remix
Posted by GHOST From Hell

Pont Blank kill sniper #part9
Posted by Eduardo Theodoro

Battlefield heroes sniping/knifing video
Posted by Religu

Battlefield Heroes - The Shooter
Posted by vistonoo

OrNot - GamePlay - Sniper - PointBlank
Posted by Tico GamePlays

Xbow master 2
Posted by freescoring

How To Hide Your Septum Piercing! + small rant
Posted by Mai-Lee Ritchot

The Amazing .50 BMG (Barrett M82A1)
Posted by DemolitionRanch

Sniper Elite V2 Kill Cam of the Week No 4 Official HD game trailer - PC PS3 X360
Posted by gamezplay

Sniper Elite 2 Info!! Section 8 Prejudice Dated!! Xbox 360 + Silverlight!!
Posted by MrXbox360News

Buckethead - The Blind Sniper (Fred Rogers) (Funnel Weaver)
Posted by polipoli8

Smokin Aces M82A1 Final Sniper Kill 2
Posted by rommel26688

Point Blank - modo sniper #1
Posted by EspadiumGames

Sniper Elite V2 Kill Hitler in pre-order bonus DLC
Posted by elbrochemisterioso

Sniper montage l115a1d g
Posted by Luca Castelli

Buckethead - Armour Piercing Projectiles (Funnel Weaver)
Posted by polipoli8

Modo sniper RangeMaster #3 - HolandaEG -Point Blank
Posted by EspadiumGames

A maior Kill de Sniper
Posted by Pipoqueiro

xSAWx Acko coen partida con sniper
Posted by xSAWxify

Oh lord have mercy, its percy
Posted by Pierced Talentz

IM NOT PRO21 music video of Sniper Eliet V2
Posted by Above the crown

Demo Playthrough - X-Ray Killcams FTW!!
Posted by JayEx23

Crysis 3: The Movie
Posted by RabidRetrospectGames

Man Stabbed With a Sword!
Posted by British Pathé

bfh commando montage: Iritating Snipers, Suicidal Knifers
Posted by PiercedCookies

Modern Warfare 3 Sniping Clip Montage
Posted by Kay Fallen Angel Lou

*Call of Duty* "Ghosts": Extinction SECRET KILLSTREAK! Death from your eyes?!
Posted by MrTLexify | Titanfall, Zombies & WatchDogs!