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YouTube Videos for Trained

Nexuiz: Trained Achievement/Trophy [Xbox 360/PS3/PC]
Posted by PlatformRadar

Trained Achievement: Nexuiz
Posted by mazuma360

Nexuiz - Achievement/Trophy - Trained
Posted by

Nexuiz - The Towers Map - Bot Training Mode
Posted by Hasan Mohsin

Nexuiz Recording Test (Bot Training)
Posted by CryWarQUISH

Nexuiz Bot Training
Posted by RadarForHomys

Nexuiz Bot Training
Posted by Mark Roseboro

Nexuiz: Bot Training CTF/Vertigo Medium Difficulty
Posted by TheSlavyShallEatYou

Nexuiz - Funny Frag
Posted by LordTh90

Nexuiz Minitage
Posted by byArbok

Posted by FIRSTbaby3000

Nexuiz - Debut Gameplay Trailer (CryEngine 3) - PC / PS Network / Xbox Live
Posted by EliteGamer

Trickjumping Soylent - mkzelda - Nexuiz - Nexuiz Ninjaz
Posted by mkzelda

CGRundertow NEXUIZ for Xbox 360 Video Game Review
Posted by CGRundertow

Machinima Respawn - Manly Nexuiz feat Syndy! - 2/29/12 (Mr Sark & TheSyndicateProject)
Posted by machinimarespawn

Nexuiz 2.5.2 - Smilecythe's Minstagib Fragmovie
Posted by GroinMischief

Nexuiz Gameplay (CTF) (16,0)
Posted by x360glitcher

Onesies - Nexuiz
Posted by One F Jef

New Nexuiz Maps: basectf1 and pyramidscheme
Posted by Ming Tang

Nexuiz - Bots Gameplay
Posted by VGReviewUnit

Nexuiz Exclusive First Impressions Gameplay
Posted by Chronotech404

Nexuiz - F2P | Die Vorstellung von einem echten Free to Play - Preview [HD]
Posted by WartimeDignity

KoZzY play Nexuiz (en vrai)
Posted by Seth McSelehk

Nexuiz - Announcement Trailer (Official)
Posted by Nexuizshooter

Nexuiz - Euclidean FAIL (WarpZones)
Posted by NexuizOverTheLazyDog

This Is Nexuiz
Posted by Blame Truth

Nexuiz: Introduction and First Impressions by JX23 (Nexuiz Gameplay/Commentary)
Posted by machinimarespawn

Nexuiz gameplay pt5
Posted by DSPGaming

Nexuiz my impressions.
Posted by F1sTDaCuFFs

Nexuiz (2012) Soundtrack: Strength
Posted by GameRaterAlpha