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Nexuiz Rocket Launcher Tutorial
YouTube Videos for Trained

Nexuiz: Trained Achievement/Trophy [Xbox 360/PS3/PC]
Posted by PlatformRadar

Nexuiz - Achievement/Trophy - Trained
Posted by

Trained Achievement: Nexuiz
Posted by mazuma360

Nexuiz Recording Test (Bot Training)
Posted by CryWarQUISH

Nexuiz Bot Training
Posted by RadarForHomys

Nexuiz - The Towers Map - Bot Training Mode
Posted by Hasan Mohsin

Nexuiz: Bot Training CTF/Vertigo Medium Difficulty
Posted by TheSlavyShallEatYou

Nexuiz Bot Training
Posted by Mark Roseboro

Nexuiz - Funny Frag
Posted by LordTh90

CGRundertow NEXUIZ for Xbox 360 Video Game Review
Posted by CGRundertow

Nexuiz Minitage
Posted by byArbok

Trickjumping Soylent - mkzelda - Nexuiz - Nexuiz Ninjaz
Posted by mkzelda

Nexuiz - Debut Gameplay Trailer (CryEngine 3) - PC / PS Network / Xbox Live
Posted by EliteGamer

Nexuiz 2.0 Gameplay video
Posted by Lee Vermeulen

Machinima Respawn - Manly Nexuiz feat Syndy! - 2/29/12 (Mr Sark & TheSyndicateProject)
Posted by machinimarespawn

Nexuiz 2.5.2 - Smilecythe's Minstagib Fragmovie
Posted by GroinMischief

Nexuiz Gameplay (CTF) (16,0)
Posted by x360glitcher

Machinima Respawn - Nexuiz Mutators 1 - Jet Packs! - 2/2/12
Posted by machinimarespawn

Onesies - Nexuiz
Posted by One F Jef

Nexuiz Exclusive First Impressions Gameplay
Posted by Chronotech404

Posted by FIRSTbaby3000

Nexuiz - Bots Gameplay
Posted by VGReviewUnit

Nexuiz - F2P | Die Vorstellung von einem echten Free to Play - Preview [HD]
Posted by WartimeDignity

Nexuiz - Announcement Trailer (Official)
Posted by Nexuizshooter

Nexuiz - Euclidean FAIL (WarpZones)
Posted by NexuizOverTheLazyDog

Nexuiz: Introduction and First Impressions by JX23 (Nexuiz Gameplay/Commentary)
Posted by machinimarespawn

Nexuiz Overlook Capture the Flag
Posted by Skycaptin5lol

Nexuiz gameplay pt5
Posted by DSPGaming

This Is Nexuiz
Posted by Blame Truth

First Nexuiz Bot Arena Gameplay Commentary
Posted by ConnorIsCHaRGe