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YouTube Videos for Recon expert

DEFCON 16: Forensics is ONLY for Private Investigators
Posted by Christiaan008

Recon - Digital Detectives
Posted by DoD News

Defcon 18 - Cyber[Crime | War] Charting Dangerous Waters
Posted by SecurityTubeCons2

EWU Cyber Defense Presentation #02 - Recon
Posted by Mythguided

CS:S | Defcon 1 by Nightmar3
Posted by Karl Karlo

DEF CON 20 - Kenneth Geers - The Art of Cyberwar
Posted by DEFCONConference

The Day Of The Updates (Defcon 17)
Posted by TheSecurityTube

DEF CON 19 - Gregory Pickett - Port Scanning Without Sending Packets
Posted by DEFCONConference

Forensic science in the war zone - solving crimes military style
Posted by otv102

Treasure Hunting UAV TreasureForce Commander and Oro.swf
Posted by treasureforce

SCCT Training
Posted by Raw Kryptonite (aka Defcon Won)

DEF CON 17 - Nick Harbour - Win at Reversing Tracing and Sandboxing Through Inline Hooking
Posted by DEFCONConference

Secure Ninja 005 Cyber Intelligence
Posted by SecureNinjaTV

Monitoring strcpy with BPHook in the Immunity Debugger
Posted by TheSecurityTube

UFOAM: Today's Top UFO News for Dec. 4, 2012
Posted by Jon Kelly

TheEDUTutorials: Classic Footprinting and Reconnaissance Part 2 - Series Part 5
Posted by Security Exploits

Kevin Mitnick - World's Most Famous (former) Hacker
Posted by EaglesTalent

Sam Fisher: Professional Bomb Disarmer
Posted by Calchinima

Newt & the Network: Improving Infrastructure Security and Preparedness for EMP
Posted by securefreedom

Computer Worms and Viruses
Posted by HouseResourceOrg

Real-world Decompilation with IDA Pro - Part 3: File Handling
Posted by Adam M.

Business of Security - Open Source Intelligence Tools
Posted by Larry Snow

WTFn: Yacht Hacks, Heroin Hacks, Heckling Hackers!
Posted by What's the Big Deal?

The Dark Arts of OSINT - Layerone 2013
Posted by Keith Simonsen

Spy Training, Survival Evasion Resistance And Escape, Social Engineering Secrets
Posted by How To Hotwire A Car

OW2con'12 Gerard Dupont
Posted by channelOW2

Are you being compromised? Challenges of cyber communication in the 21st century.
Posted by University of South Australia

XCOM Enemy Within ep29: Operation Secret Shield. (UFO Landing Site) [I/I/SW]
Posted by FrAvatar

My Nuclear Intro
Posted by JTanK147

Carlos Perez (darkoperator) -- Tactical Post Exploitation
Posted by Adrian Crenshaw