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YouTube Videos for Recon expert

DEFCON 16: Forensics is ONLY for Private Investigators
Posted by Christiaan008

OSINT - recon-ng information gathering example tutorial
Posted by redleaf videos

DEFCON 14: Bridging the Gap Between Static and Dynamic Reversing
Posted by Christiaan008

Recon - Digital Detectives
Posted by DoD News

Recon: Nmap versus Zenmap
Posted by Jeremy Martin

Defcon 18 - Cyber[Crime | War] Charting Dangerous Waters
Posted by SecurityTubeCons2

CS:S | Defcon 1 by Nightmar3
Posted by Lennart Kunde

The Day Of The Updates (Defcon 17)
Posted by TheSecurityTube

DEF CON 19 - Gregory Pickett - Port Scanning Without Sending Packets
Posted by DEFCONConference

Android Forensics SGSII JTAG
Posted by DEFCON Kerala

DEF CON 17 - Nick Harbour - Win at Reversing Tracing and Sandboxing Through Inline Hooking
Posted by DEFCONConference

Forensic science in the war zone - solving crimes military style
Posted by otv102

SCCT Training
Posted by Raw Kryptonite (aka Defcon Won)

Secure Ninja 005 Cyber Intelligence
Posted by SecureNinjaTV

UFOAM: Today's Top UFO News for Dec. 4, 2012
Posted by Jon Kelly

TSCM - Bug Sweeps - Eavesdropping Detection - BBC News -
Posted by

Kevin Mitnick - World's Most Famous (former) Hacker
Posted by EaglesTalent

TheEDUTutorials: Classic Footprinting and Reconnaissance Part 2 - Series Part 5
Posted by Security Exploits

Paintball - Games Rules & Tactics : Paintball Game Rules
Posted by expertvillage

Sam Fisher: Professional Bomb Disarmer
Posted by Calchinima

INET San Francisco - Cyber Surveillance Public Forum
Posted by Internet Society Chapters Webcasting

How to use Nmap or Zenmap (Scanning Networks)
Posted by

Computer Worms and Viruses
Posted by HouseResourceOrg

2600 Films: Freedom Downtime (Complete)
Posted by GBPPR2

Real-world Decompilation with IDA Pro - Part 3: File Handling
Posted by Adam M.

Business of Security - Open Source Intelligence Tools
Posted by Larry Snow

WTFn: Yacht Hacks, Heroin Hacks, Heckling Hackers!
Posted by What's the Big Deal?

Spy Training, Survival Evasion Resistance And Escape, Social Engineering Secrets
Posted by How To Hotwire A Car

OW2con'12 Gerard Dupont
Posted by channelOW2

Are you being compromised? Challenges of cyber communication in the 21st century.
Posted by University of South Australia