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YouTube Videos for Because I care

PSX Longplay [045] Twisted Metal Small Brawl
Posted by cubex55

Classic Game Room - TWISTED METAL: HEAD-ON preview & Forum Response 1
Posted by Lord Karnage

Twisted Metal 2 (PC) Spectre Gameplay
Posted by hybridfury

"Twisted Metal" Gameplay Preview
Posted by xplay

The Dark Past: Twisted Metal Black - Twisted Metal
Posted by AbsoluteVideoGames

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings: Sweet Tooth's Ending
Posted by TwistedMetalGames

Twisted Metal Mr. Grimm Trailer [HD]
Posted by Machinima

Twisted Metal PS3 Darkside Tournament Playthrough
Posted by LuisParson

Rogue Trip Biohazard Vacation Playthrough
Posted by LuisParson

Dollface's Story - Twisted Metal: Black
Posted by ACEStudioz

Lets Glitch #2 - Twisted Metal 1 + 2 + 3
Posted by HackOutGames

Twisted Metal - Part 18 - Sweet Tooth's Carnival of Carnage and Dollface Ending
Posted by ZackScottGames

Twisted Metal: Head On Gameplay Roadkill
Posted by Mike Dominski

Twisted Metal Limited Edition PS3 Early Unboxing
Posted by MrSkillToKill2

Retro Psx: Twisted Metal BLACK
Posted by Coophack6584

Retro PSX: Twisted Metal Demo/Beta
Posted by Coophack6584

Twisted Metal Small Brawl: Busters Lanes (Sweet Tooth)
Posted by Toomnyusernae

Twisted Metal 5 for PS3
Posted by twistedmetalcombat

Twisted Metal 2 Destructable Stuff
Posted by MATTKBAN

The Cars Of Twisted Metal: Darkside
Posted by Thrasher The Black Stallion

GameSpot Sync - Wii U, Street Fighter x Tekken, Twisted Metal
Posted by gamespot

Tim Skold - Chaos (Twisted Metal - DarkSide)
Posted by KetteDerWelten

Twisted Metal 4: How to kill Sweet Tooth (Maze)
Posted by Toomnyusernae

E3 2010 Sony Conference, PS Move, Twisted Metal, Portal 2, Little Big Planet 2, Infamous 2 & More!
Posted by GamersLeak

10 cars from I76 that should be in Vigilante 8
Posted by 72Winabagel

Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock (Official Video)
Posted by RhinoEntertainment

News on Season 5: What's going on? - DAB Gaming Clash
Posted by DABVideos0

Sofia Metal Queen bellydance - Twisted Sister - You can't stop rock & roll
Posted by Sofia Metal Queen

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - Review
Posted by gamespot

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It (Graspop 2013)
Posted by SDMvideosBelgium