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YouTube Videos for You think this game made itself?

The Story Behind Twisted Metal (Read Description - video craps out)
Posted by TheFUNnGAMESdude

Twisted Metal Heads To The Big Screen
Posted by Clevver Movies

Twisted Metal Movie Trailer 2011 - Teaser #1
Posted by MisdirectionPictures

The Twisted Metal Black Online Bible
Posted by LuisParson

Twisted Metal Theme Song Performed By HipHopGamer, FULL SONG Available 2/14/2012
Posted by HipHopGamer

Twisted Metal 2 Dark Tooth Tournament Playthrough
Posted by LuisParson

One minute silence - And some ya lose ( Twisted Metal 4 )
Posted by K0sk4

PSW Reviews Ep # 1 - Twisted Metal!!! (HD)
Posted by PoolSharkWizard

Twisted Metal 2012 - Sweet Tooth Story Campaign - Sunspring California - Part 1 - HD
Posted by PlatanoGames Network

Twisted Metal Black PAL Hidden Movies On Disc Found Part 1
Posted by MoarPsyk

(Fake) Twisted Metal movie trailer
Posted by bloodrunsclear

Twisted Metal Black PAL Hidden Movies On Disc Found Part 4
Posted by MoarPsyk

Twisted Metal Black PAL Hidden Movies On Disc Found Part 2
Posted by MoarPsyk

Is Twisted Metal Black a remake?
Posted by 77Skyrunner

Preview | Twisted Metal | Things That Dont Suck
Posted by TTDSgamer

Final Twisted Metal Movie.m2t
Posted by Kilrahi

Posted by Demps OneFiveOne

Twisted Metal 1 Warthog THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!
Posted by LuisParson

Twisted Metal - Part 5: Too Fast, Two Bosses | CQ
Posted by consolequest

Twisted Metal - Part 3: Riding the Rails | CQ
Posted by consolequest

Michael Knight - Twisted Metal promo video
Posted by metal4shred

Twisted Metal Junkyard Dog Gameplay
Posted by nickchamp111

PS1 Underrated Gem: Rogue Trip: Vaction 2012
Posted by teh2Dgamer

「Full Metal Alchemist」 [AMV] - War Of Change [Happy Birtday Dennis&Daniel]
Posted by Kirito-Kun Nightcore

Twisted Metal: It's Over
Posted by girlwithturn

Twisted Metal - Diablo Pass Death Race [2:11.996]
Posted by ~eX~ | MuddyMaestro

Good Game Review - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Update - TX: 03/04/12
Posted by KarenLeblancs

Pt. 1 Vertical Layering - A Composer's Guide to Game Music
Posted by GameMediaPR

Twisted Metal OFFLINE?! (now Online again)
Posted by TMAlliance

Twisted Metal with Jason - 1
Posted by Reckless Noobs