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I got this tweeted to me today and it bugged me. www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/2xkc5x/s...

Here's a snippet "Went to catch Barbara, Burnie and Gavin at a booth/table area only to get them while they were packing up, I went to hand Barbara my hat to be handed down the line so the three could sign it. But Gavin interrupted mid way through me about to get the others attention and "A hat? That's the best thing you brought?" And rolled his eyes while just walking by."

This story isn't true. It's very odd to defend something that is just entirely made up that everyone has no reason not to believe is true.

I have never once had a bad interaction with a fan. A dude in Australia slapped me on the arm once which I didn't think was very cool, but to be fair to him, he asked me if he could and I said OK. I just didn't think he'd hit me as hard as he did. I'll admit there have been times where I have been escorted past a bunch of people at RTX who wanted me to sign something or take a picture and i've had to rush by apologising that I can't stop. This I can see as extremely disappointing. This usually happens when I have to move between panels or from a signing to a panel. Either way, I definitely can't be late for a panel or a signing. They are on tight schedules and I would then run the risk of disappointing thousands of people by missing one or arriving late instead of the much fewer who I passed on the way in.

This story above is just a lie. I would never in a million years insult someone I didn't know and then roll my eyes and walk past. It's also such a weird thing to say. A, our hats are awesome and B, if you came to RTX and didn't buy a single thing, you came all the way to RTX! Why would I be mad that you didn't have a bunch of other merchandise? The fact that that person was even there is pretty much the best support he or she could show.

I would also like to point out that during RTX 2013, whenever we weren't on a panel, all of Achievement Hunter was in the AH signing area by the minecraft backdrops. When we'd finished working our way through the entire line at the end of the day, there was no one left on the convention floor at all. At this point, I went home. I didn't go to a booth/table with barbara or burnie and I definitely didn't pack anything up.

I was originally a fan of Red vs Blue. This very profile on this site led me to get a job at the company. Everyone I ever met from RT treated me with a ton of respect when I was a fan. I have only ever treated fans of me (now that I have them) with the exact same respect. I'm sure if you've met me at a convention, we had a lovely time!

Sure I pride myself on being the irritating prick in videos and generally just having a bit of a cheeky attitude with achievement hunter/podcast, but I assure you I would never be rude to a fan like the story above. If I was, I'm sure this wouldn't be the first time reading a post like this.
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