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26 year-old male from Oxfordshire, UK
As mentioned in the RvB season 3 commentary
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Gavino Cast & Crew
Compilation video"Hello. My name is Gavin. I am 26 years old and I work at Achievement Hunter. I am planning on making a compilation of the most epic let's play moments of 2014. A lot of these clips I imagine will be from GTA V lets plays so I'm going to start looking through them, but I could still use help. If anyone has time or has recently watched a lets play where something visually amazing happened, please link me to the video with the time code.

Funny explosions/deaths, lucky/good shots, MLG moments, utter chaos, basically stuff that made us go "whoa!" in any game.

The moments can be from pretty much anything with live audio commentary. As long as it was posted on either the Rooster Teeth channel or the Let's Play channel in 2014. Let's Play, Vs, Go, Play pals... it's all good.

Links and Timecodes please. If tons of good stuff happened in the same video, feel free to have multiple timecodes per link.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps with this."
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