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31 year-old female from Land of Enchantment (Seriously!)

I graduated college, bitches! WOOT! *laughs* Now I've been out for nearly two years, and by the gods, I want back IN! *snerk* I'm hooked up to a neko ninja gaming god who dresses like the luscious Ryu Hayabusa just to please me- *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*- and planning on moving back to the Land of the Flat in six months. My likes and dislikes are listed below, so I won't be redundant. Basically, I'm not anti-anything except stupidity. So...um...if th
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Your CD!The game here is to make a CD of 15 songs that you would send to someone so they could get to know you better. List away, and see how amusing it is to match music to your life!

1. Mi Vida Loca -Pam Tillis
~If there was a song to sum up my life... ^_~
2. Little Wing -Def Leppard
~This would be me. ^_^
3. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia -Reba Macintire
~If anyone ever screwed with my brother, this would be their fate. I, however, would be far more careful to make sure Shane wouldn't take the fall for me.
4. Feathery Wings -Voltaire
~My life has been spent trying to make people feel better about themselves. I don't know if I'd ever get my feathery wings, but it's just...something I do.
5. Land of Confusion -Disturbed
~(I know there's a Phil Collins one, too.) This is the world. This is my view of the world. We can Fracking fix it, if we'd take the damn time to.
6. Shine Down -Godsmack
~There aren't many songs I've ever heard that touch the way I feel about my choice of religion.
7. Until It Sleeps -Metallica
~There are times when I want to explode. Sometimes, things claw at my throat and try to escape, and all I can do is swallow with poor grace.
8. All I Want is a Life -Tim McGraw
~Honestly? I never wanted fame. I just wanted a life I could look back on and say I enjoyed.
9. It's My Life -Bon Jovi (*facepalm* At least Kizzy found the right artist, because gods know, I sure couldn't!)
~I hate to be controlled. HATE. IT. Manipulated, commanded... You name it, I resent it.
10. Stand Beside Me -Jo Dee Messina
~This is my belief, my desire for relationships.
11. Crash and Burn -Savage Garden
~You know how people have lots of 'fair weather' friends? Yeah. I'm not one of those.
12. In the End -Linkin Park
~Sometimes, it feels like all the struggle isn't worth anything. Especially when it doesn't change a damn thing.
13. Believe -Staind
~And then again, all I do is wish and hope. I think I was made for chasing dreams.
14. Save Me -Royal Bliss
~I think, that even if I am designed and built by the gods to guard and protect, that I've always wanted to be rescued.
15. As the World Falls Down -David Bowie
~This is what I promise the ones I love, and what I deliver as often as I can.
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Name Marie
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