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Stop, in the name of Love!Dear Bastards,

First of all, let me say how excited I am for RTXAU. Wow! Like this is amazing news! This is free upgrades to business class news!

It’s freaking exciting. So we should be very, nay incredibly grateful that we have not only a wonderful Company like Rooster Teeth, whom have sent people around the world for years to our little country despite their busy schedules, but we should also be very grateful that such a Brilliant company as Hanabee has teamed up with Supanova to bring a Whole Event (one that has until now been Entirely held in the USA) to Australia.

Yes Australia, a country that is both out of the way and isn’t easy to tour around, for its large space and relative (to the USA, Europe, Asia) lack of destinations in which to hold large events (centralized population people!) yet despite all that, these fine folks are bringing their great Event our way.

So when you find out all the facts Where? When? Who is coming? (We don’t know yet, Sit Tight!) if you want to go ahead and complain, that oh “it’s not in my city!”, its big country! but, “My favourite Staff aren’t coming”, it’s a big company! with a lot of cool people!, people others love, if you don’t! STOP!

Stop! In the name of love! For it is love and enthusiasm, (and a lot of hard work and planning too) that brought such a fine thing our way. So if you are from Australia and want to complain about RTXAU for whatever crappy reason you can come up with, step back, take a look at yourself and literally FUCK your own Face!

Wherever and whenever it is held, If you want to complain, line your troglodyte asses up outside and I will ride a friggen drop bear down the line and bitch slap your asses back into the gutter you crawled your way out of!

Get Hype! or keep your Whore mouths shut you ungrateful C-Words!


- Lots of Love Darlings,

- Ben.
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