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37 year-old male from Houston, TX
And in other news..
The U.S. Government today changed its emblem from an eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. Condoms stand up to inflation, halt production, destroy the next generation, protect pricks, and give a sense of security while actually screwing you!

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I am reborn!By which I mean, I have minimal permissions to personal browse at work again.... this could mean a more regular visit on the ol' internet stomping grounds. I do miss this place oh so much.
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Name Graee Wolff
Occupation Super Slacker, ie. Linux Administrator
Birthday December 6th, 1977
Interests the great out doors reading coffee gaming of all kinds. Getting drunk playin billiards (in that order) i love animals (not like that... freak) RPG's LARP's LRM's DVD's SMG's... oh wait... got carried away... Essentially the list goes on I am american so am easily entertained
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Music Usually loud and fast but more over where ever my mood takes me. Minus most country and rap/hip-hop. Here are some quality bands: Faith No More Skinny Puppy Manowar FM Einheit The Seatbelts Tomohawk The Misfits The Beatles Peelander-z Lovage Einst?rzende Neubauten Jefferson Airplane Peeping Tom Dillinger Escape Plan Led Zeppelin Melt Bannana CCR Fantomas Anti-Flag Aphex Twin Mr. Bungle and many more p.s. Mike Patton is the god of music (notice five of the listed bands have Mike in them)
Movies I seem to like alot of foreign films and dark comedies like Man Bites Dog which is an interesting documentary on the life of a seriel killer where the camera crew follows him around and iterviews him in coffee houses.... truely worth looking into; and i'll just mention one other Uzumaki that is a very strange and fun movie about spirals that destroy a small town based on a manga comic btw. As well as more local blockbusters like pi or House of 1000 Corpses...
TV Shows well... I try not to watch too much tv.... rots your brain you know... but who can pass up adult swim or the simpsons and I've also gotten resucked into Farscape and I love Dead like me nothin better than dark humor. But most importantly... they never ever should have taken Danger Mouse off the air
Books Most works from Robert Anton Wilson for fiction. H.P. Lovecraft has spoiled me for horror and I find all other horror writers to be rather plain and boring... William Gibson for my sci-fi fix. Currently Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde