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#1   Posted 5 years ago
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love em, hate em..... maybe you paid for one... you might even want one, tell me ur storehs....

im going around town this weekend to find a job b4 summer hits and all the damn college kids get baq.... gunna piss me off if i dont get job... (i will play WoW all summer if i dun get job :'( ...) pretty lame

im looking mostly at either home depot, pet stores, and grocery stores... (only things in my town) i not working for timmies or mcdonalds...
#2   Posted 5 years ago
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I'm getting a job at Best Buy.
I would get one at Circuit City,
(Due to its Red color)
But those Dirty Blues screwed up our economy!
Screwing over Circuit City!
R.I.P Circuit City, your Red Glory will never diminish...
#3   Posted 5 years ago
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hey i need a job what a pro-red job {KFC. Wendy's. McDonald's. etc}
#4   Posted 5 years ago
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alot of places where I live know me so its impossible to get a job.
#5   Posted 5 years ago
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I worked at Subway for a whole year. It was... Something. To much work, not enough pay, so I ate as much food as I wanted. Everyone did/does. Good times. Always came home smelling of meat though. My mom said meatball but I always thought it was more like a tuna smell. I could talk all day about it.
#6   Posted 5 years ago
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Try Red Robbins or Orange Julius, but whatever you do, don't apply to Target.
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