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AHTV Drinking Game
#1   Posted 3 years ago
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Usually hosting is Fragger with Ben, Mike, Michael, Brownman, BlawnDee, and Caleb. The rules for the AHTV Drinking Game are as follows (note: everyone drinks):

1) Whenever anyone yells at Mike and/or Ben for messing up

2) Anytime Mike uses derogatory comments to a(n) nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.

3) Whenever a user mixes up Mike and Michael.

4) Whenever GeorgiusRex removes the post.

5) Whenever Fragger changes the game.

6) Whenever Jack shuts down the stream.

7) Whenever a user spells Michael's name wrong.

8) Whenever Fragger dies.

9) Whenever the "Price is Right 'Nunununununununununu'" video is playing.

10) No one is allowed to drink during Deadly Premonition, it is forbidden.

Feel free to submit your own

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#2   Posted 3 years ago
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In reply to deathreau, #1:

Whenever the internet box breaks

Whenever Jack shuts down the stream
#3   Posted 3 years ago
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*Nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.
#4   Posted 3 years ago
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Anytime a pony is mentioned by name
#5   Posted 3 years ago
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Jeez just from Fragger dieing and George removing comments ill be drinking every case the liquor store has! hahaha
#6   Posted 3 years ago
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whenever an ad plays
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