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Status Kill: The world's first social network action hero!

About Status Kill:

I go to my favorite social networks everyday. Every hour. I can't stop. Follow my Twitter. Become my Facebook friend. Like me! This is the world we now live in. We are all stars in each other lives via sites "like" Facebook, Twitter, and many others. We comment to impress and love to know we are heard. You love/hate these things, and so do we. You find the ever changing rules of communication maddening and so do we. You wish you had more time to do it (and more will power to quit it) and so do we.

Disagree? Why is it that real life lately is called "being offline"? Why is it that being online seems like the only real thing going? What the f**k happened to using the phone!? This was the inspiration for making Status Kill. Denton Sparks, our "hero", is supposed to be working, but is doing what we all do when faced with work -- we chat with our friends. Unfortunately Denton's job as a professional assassin doesn't lend itself to aimless banter (we know it's not ALL aimless) as by being online sometimes in the middle of a firefight can lead to a quick demise, but he simply can't help it! Denton, in all his killer perfection, has become the ultimate addict to "TweetFacester", the world's biggest social network, and his online life has become the center of his "offline" albeit somewhat more dangerous day job.

Status Kill is slated to be an ongoing series that will chat about all the things that we should be conscious of such as: contextual advertising, privacy, the meaning of online relationships in our REAL lives, The cost of constant intermittent communication which never actually tells us anything, sharing a profile with a grandparent, niece, and hot chick/dude you are trying to hook up with. Etc. Etc Etc. It's all VERY confusing and Denton, the extreme version of us real world addicts, will stumble through it all while on the world's most dangerous missions.

But to do so, we need your support. We understand the hypocrisy of "discussing" all that's right and wrong about the new way of communicating by asking you all to become our fans and to follow us around the web on our silly misadventures. The truth is, we truly love our online lives, but, like everyone else, feel a bit confused and rightfully worried about where it all may go and how it is changing who we are. So, we invite you all to join us on this journey to try to figure it all out and we appreciate any and all support you give us along the way. So what are you waiting for! "Like" us on facebook, Subscribe to us on youtube, Follow us on twitter. We promise we wil love you as much as your other online friends do! Oh -- Status Kill is brought to you by Jesse "Jeskid" Cowell. He created the feature film's/series' "Shades of Gray" and "Drawn by Pain" and won awards and stuff. He will tell you more later -- he has to update his status.

Status Kill: The world's first social network action hero! Please "like" the Facebook page ( for updates and subscribe here for a lot more fun!
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July 27th, 2010

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