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September 12th, 2011

Easter egg for you!

Sorry about the lack of updates I have been playing dead island.

I have for you one of the Easter eggs that I have found butdont read this if your afraid of spoilers don't even read it if your mildly afraid.

In fact ima press this button here and hope that draws you away and if your still reading this then I'll assume your cold hear less and spoiler read I g therefore I shalt not judge thee.

Still there? OK here it goes...

When you are in the Singapore lab facilities (you see kids that's what we call a spoiler) I personally call this one the Office Easter egg if you don't know what the office is then I feel sorry for you and you should totally copy and paste this into your browser right now.

Anyway in Singapore go into the first office building where you have to save the girl in the office now start breaking into the offices and checking the computer and looking for an email that says "you have been warned!" You can read the entire article and Ind it very Dwight like but nothing get confirmed until the bottom line which reads...

P.S. I am still awaiting the return of my stapler (I KNOW YOU HAVE IT JIM!!)

Well thats as obvious of Easter egg as a person who complains that I spoiled something for them then complains in the replies section. (DONT DO IT WE KNOW WHO YOU AE PUNK!)

Anyway here's a link t a YouTube video that will show it to you in movie majic!


Thanks for reading stay tuned for some more tips and tricks and doo das and what not
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