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Comedy gaming coverage with Lewis and Simon, two inept Brits who get into all sorts of zany scrapes.

The stars are Lewis (Xephos) and Simon (Honeydew). They are sometimes joined by Hannah (Lomadia) and the person who does all the drawing is known as Lalna.
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September 17th, 2011

Need Admins!

So here's the skinny:

I find it harder and harder to come to this site everyday (college, work, life in general, etc etc), so I'm looking for 2 people to make into admins.

You won't have any real responsibilities other than keeping the group going (kind of the opposite of the way I'm doing it basically).

Just leave a comment, telling me why you want to be an admin and what kind of things you'd do, and I'll review and pick 2 people.
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