Rooster Teeth 365
An attempt to create a new Rooster Teeth themes art piece everyday for a year

Starting Saturday July 16th

~Temporary Description~

A piece of art that represents Rooster Teeth in some way made everyday for an entire year.

Everyone of all skill levels is welcomed and encouraged to join! If you can't do it everyday, that's quite alright! if you only want to do somethign once a week, that's fine!

Don't worry about how it looks. Whether it's scrap or masterpiece material...just make it and post it. Not only does this give you practice and show off your RT fan pride, but you have a chance to utilize a muse that is in front of our face everytime we log onto this website.

There are no rules or limits other than common sense: No nudity or sex and so on. If you're unsure of the site rules, then read the Terms of User of the Rooster Teeth site.

Whether it's your own comic spin-off, cast and crew fan art, your own SAFELY MADE Immersion video*, a painting, an edited video, a sculpture, photo manipulations, photography in general, HORSE maps, costumes, impressions and recreations of scenes, painting your nails with an RT theme, an interpretive dance expressing Donut's inner feelings...the possibilities are endless! (some of you already do these!) Try to stick with audio and/or visual art.

Rooster Teeth, Red vs Blue, RT Shorts, RT Comics, The StangerHood, Immersion, Achievement Hunter and the respective segments revolving around it, PANCIS, 1-800-MAGIC...


This is NOT an art critiquing group.

*This group and Rooster Teeth are not responsible if you do something incredibly stupid that renders you injured, dead, or arrested.
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July 17th, 2011

Posting your art & updates

Because I didn't actually announce it:
Post your daily, weekly, monthly art here - On our group's forum!

If my evening is still free, I will post some artsy ideas tonight. The ideas are free for all, of course! We are here to inspire each other, right?

I had mentioned that this is not meant to be an art critiquing group. If you welcome critiques, say so in your post and keep those critiques to private messaging. I find that this keeps drama down and keeps the thread on track. Basically, I'm trying to keep the thread on track and for art posting only.

If you have any questions, ask them here on the group news for now. I will have a questions thread soon!

Now for the begging portion of my update:
I spend most of time here on RT and on the internet in general to promote other people's projects. if you would all take a moment to spread the word about this group and Rooster Teeth Community Content of the Week, I would be ever so thanfful.
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