Game Grinders
Whether you have a lot of completed games or not, you start a game and grind through it until you've done everything you wanted to do.

What ever your Genre, whatever your skill, whatever you're speed or attention span, Joining here earns your a real gamer cookie! whether or not a game is good or bad, you set your goals early, and you don't fall short unless you lose feeling in your fingers or your ass.

did you unlock every car in GT4? did you unlock the two secret characters in Dark Alliance II? did you find all of Virgils comentaries in Dante's inferno? Or have you done some other tedious or extremely difficult task (your opinion, something you find hard may seem easy to others, and vice versa), if you have then welcome to Grinders!

Feel free to post your gaming grind(s) and comment on others.
I'll do my best to keep up and expand on this group as much as possible
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February 8th, 2012


do either of you guys have suggestions on how to make this group bigger, the billboard forum isn't working that well
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