Freelancer: Agents M.O.C.
This group is about short stories about Freelancer Agents Montana, Ohio, and California

Name: Agent Montana "Monty"
Armour: Mark 6 with CQB chest piece. Colored Silver with dark blue trim.
Speciality: Close-quarters combat.
Armour Ability: Flare

Name: Agent Ohio
Armour: Mark 6. Colored Dark Brown with red trim.
Speciality: Explosives.
Armour Ability: Armour Lock

Name: Agent California "Cali"
Armour: Mark 6 withScout helmet. Colored dark green with brown trim.
Speciality: Sniper
Armour Ability: Radar jammer.

Leave your comments (positive or negative) after each entry.LEt me know what you guys think. Any feed back will help.
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December 14th, 2012

Entry #8

Setting Cali down gently I stood up and put my hands up.

Good, turn around slowly. The voice said.

Turning around I saw that there were ten of them. Each one was in black ODST gear,slmmer then standerd probably desgned for stealth operations, with silver visors. Three had their guns on Ohio, who was kneeling on the ground with his hands cuffed. Two were checking the Warthog, and there were two groups of two facing down both ends of the street. The tenth one had his pistol pointed at my face.

Ramirez, get the green one into the truck. Clarke come take this ones guns. He said.

As he spoke one soldier from each group at either end of the street came over. As I was being searched I asked the one in front of me, How did you know we were coming?

It doesnt really matter at this point? he replied smugly

Thats everything sir. Clarke said, stepping back with my knife, rifle, and pistol.

Good, put your hands behind your back.

I turned my back I charged my flares. As he went to put the cuffs on I triggered both causing both of them to stagger back. Grabbing my knife from Clarke I stabbed him in the side with it. Picking up two of the grenades he took I smashed one into the leaders face and tossed the other at the ones holding down Ohio; the grenade bounced once before exploding. Not stopping for the smoke to clear I ran to damaged Pelican.
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