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For the best, and awesome Dylon on the site, BioHDylon. He is the cool one.
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February 6th, 2012

The Original

How is Dylon the best? Well, let's count them off!

1. He was Dylon before Dylon (FIRST!1)
2. Actually older than Dylon so even in life he was Dylon before the other. (Still relevant trust me)
3. Doesn't afraid of anything.
4. Has a job already.
5. Has a family, not a smelly orphan.
6. Edits like a fucking boss
7. Stands by his friends no matter what
8. Looks more dashing.
9. Breeds and breastfeeds turtles. (I like turtles)
10. Funnier to listen to.
11. HoneyDylon doesn't give a damn
12. His Great (x 5) Grandfather watched Starship Troopers 11 times.
13. Plays the flute.
14. Thinks it's really stupid to think that one person deserves a job over the other based on what TV shows he likes.
15. Can turn into a crime fighting robot who faps for hours.

Need proof? Here's a picture.
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