Nicholas Cage and The Wicker Man
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Edward Malus (Nicolas Cage), an American policeman, receives news from his ex-fiance, Willow Woodward (Kate Beahan), that her daughter, Rowan (Erika Shaye Gair), is missing. He gets a pilot (Matthew Walker) to take him to an island off the coast of Washington where a group of neo-pagans live. The island is led by Sister Summersisle (Ellen Burstyn), an elderly woman who is treated like a goddess. The economy of the island relies on the production of local honey, which Malus learns has been down recently.

Malus asks the villagers about Rowan, but they give him evasive answers. He later sees two men carrying a large bag that appears to be dripping blood, then he finds a fresh, unmarked grave in the churchyard. The grave turns out to only contain a burned doll, but Malus finds Rowan's sweater in the churchyard.

At the village school, teacher Sister Rose (Molly Parker) tries to prevent Malus from seeing the class register. When he sees that Rowan's name has been crossed out he becomes enraged at the teacher's and Rowan's classmates' lies. Rose demands Malus to talk outside and after a short discussion of the island people's view of death and, Rose explains that Rowan is "not missing". Malus asks how Rowan died and Rose tells him first that "she'll burn to death". When Malus catches the tense she uses, the "she'll", Rose corrects herself quickly and rushes herself back to her class.

On the day of the ritual, Malus frantically searches the village for Rowan. He attacks Sister Beech (Diane Delano), who has a bear costume for the ritual. Malus steals her costume and joins the parade led by Sister Summersisle.

The parade ends at the site of the festival. Rowan is tied to a large tree, about to be burned. Malus rescues Rowan and they run away through the woods, but Rowan leads him back to Sister Summersisle. Sister Summersisle thanks Rowan for her help, and Malus realizes that the search for Rowan was a trap. The villagers attack Malus and overpower him (in the "alternate ending" version, the scene is extended, showing the villagers as they break his legs and place a mask of bees on his head). The women carry him to a giant wicker man and shut him inside. Rowan sets fire to the wicker man and Malus is sacrificed. The crowd chants "The drone must die!", believing that Malus's sacrifice will restore their honey production.
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