Burnie's sandwich club
This is a group in which we post tasty sandwich recipies and types. Hopefully, Burnie will see this, and learn how to make more delicious sandwiches.

Post your sandwich recipies and ideas, and tell people to join. Now if you will exuse me, im going to Subway. (The title is not supposed to be a pun)
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August 31st, 2012


Wow, 81 members. Im so sorry ive been gone so long, but im back guys, and im ready to kick some more ass! Lets do this!
Oh, and have a Youtube channel now. I do vlogs, livestreams, rants, and feature my kitteh. WHat more could one want? So if you could like, and if you are feeling really generous, subscribe, and hang in there for more, i would much appriciate it =)
Oh, and RvB fans with Halo Reach, a mic, and skill are welcome to Join the RvB clan. We are already over 20 strong, and are just a group of buddies that play together. I am the division leader of the Sanguinis, the specialists that do SWAT and Clan Battes, so message me if interested. My GT is currently Mr Facemelter13
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