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Like minecraft lets plays? like Minecraft Things to do in? Then this is the place for you.

This group is for anyone interested in joining the "official" PC Minecraft Achievement City server, our IP is , if you want to join the server please go to
simply make a profile on this site, go to profile, click character then apply to join

have fun and remember
Achievement City is the place to be

This server is not run by Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter
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June 4th, 2014

RTX week important information

ok so i will be going to RTX this year, for anyone that can not afford to go but would still like to have a chance to see the AH guys listen up,

i will be adding an item to the enjin store called RTX whitelist, only the first 40 people will be able to buy this item, what will it do? during the week of RTX i will turn the servers whitelist on and try my damnedest to get as many achievement hunters to log into the server as possible all week long. the reason I'm whitelisting the server is because if 43 people join then theres no room for the achievement hunters, this way if you want a chance to say hi to them, maybe ask them a question but don't want to spend $700+ on airfare and room, this is your chance. all money earned this way will be used to pay for my rtx trip so i can get them on

If i fail to get any of then to log on i will issue a refund to all 40 at the end of RTX. so theres no risk for you (you will not receive a refund if they join the server while you are offline)

the whitelist item will be $5, thank you for your support

check out here to look at the store
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