The Rooster Teeth Safe Room
A safe haven for community members who have experienced cyber-bullying

Cyber bullying (online bullying) is when a person or a group of people uses the internet, email, online games or any other kind of digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else.

This group is for anyone who has experienced cyber-bullying, verbal abuse or any negative experiences while online. Whether that is Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, or even right here on

These negative experiences might make you want to hide yourself away from the world, but we are here to tell you that it will be ok. We are here for you, you are not alone and we will listen to you.

By being a member of this group you will not abuse or bully other community members, if there are any disagreements they will be civilly sorted out like adults. We are the best community in the world. Let's prove it.

This group will be providing help and advice in association with CyberSmile: an anti cyber-bullying charity based in the UK and America.

Alphabetical List of groups that actively do not tolerate cyber bullying:

- Community Comics
- Friendly Casual Gamers
- Ladies of Rooster Teeth
- Oh! The Commanatee
- Pokemon Trainers
- Rooster Teeth Compliments
- Rooster Teeth is Fashionable
- Rooster Teeth LGBT Pride
- Rooster Teeth Scottish Street Team
- RT's Community Content of the Week
- RTX 2013 Firehouse Hostel
- RvB:Scotland
- RvB:Scotland: Tabletop Gaming
- The Angels
- The Eargasm Podcast
- The Rooster Teeth Community
- The Windy Pirates
- Why we game
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December 4th, 2014

Project Ideas!

Hello! Sammii here...

I apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have had my fair share of things to deal with in the last month and I dropped a few of the balls I was juggling, and its just been a tiny bit stressful.

But I aim to do better and to fix that so hopefully, fingers crossed, nothing more serious goes wrong.

But before normal service is resumed (I have to plan what I am going to do first) I am going to run some project ideas by you guys. Because you are all awesome and I would love your input on a few things.

These are all ideas, just ideas, nothing has been scribbled down or made permanent at this time. If you guys approve of the ideas, the next step will be to flesh them out a bit more and then requisition help wherever necessary.

Project #1 - Message Mentors/Supportive Pals

Possibly the easiest to set up. Kinda like Mods on this site but giving people more options of who to talk to. Say someone is upset, but doesn't want to talk why their upset then can instead talk to a supportive pal about something else to take their mind off of it like... cheese.

Project #2 - Video Documentary/Questionnaire thing

Could be a one off, or maybe a series of videos. Depending on how many people are willing. 5 people per video, was the idea, talking about their experiences with bullying, through a set of designated questions. Kinda like a 'it gets better' video but with real experiences in it. Obviously this depends on if people are willing to volunteer. Obviously editing will be handled in part by me, but obviously if someone wants to add music to it, or a title card, or graphics, then they can be added to help. But again its an idea only at this point.

Project 3 - Group Things

A bit broad in the idea, but this could cover anything if people have ideas.

But this is all just an idea at this point, but I figured I would put it out there and test the waters.

But for now I shall say bye bye
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