The Rooster Teeth Safe Room
A safe haven for community members who have experienced cyber-bullying

Cyber bullying (online bullying) is when a person or a group of people uses the internet, email, online games or any other kind of digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else.

This group is for anyone who has experienced cyber-bullying, verbal abuse or any negative experiences while online. Whether that is Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, or even right here on

These negative experiences might make you want to hide yourself away from the world, but we are here to tell you that it will be ok. We are here for you, you are not alone and we will listen to you.

By being a member of this group you will not abuse or bully other community members, if there are any disagreements they will be civilly sorted out like adults. We are the best community in the world. Let's prove it.

This group will be providing help and advice in association with CyberSmile: an anti cyber-bullying charity based in the UK and America.

Alphabetical List of groups that actively do not tolerate cyber bullying:

- Community Comics
- Friendly Casual Gamers
- Game Kids
- Ladies of Rooster Teeth
- Oh! The Commanatee
- Pokemon Trainers
- Rooster Teeth Compliments
- Rooster Teeth is Fashionable
- Rooster Teeth LGBT Pride
- Rooster Teeth Scottish Street Team
- RT Radio
- RT's Community Content of the Week
- RTX 2013 Firehouse Hostel
- RvB:Scotland
- RvB:Scotland: Tabletop Gaming
- The Angels
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- The Rooster Teeth Community
- The Windy Pirates
- Why we game
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March 22nd, 2015

Helpful Hints & Advice

How To Help & Support Someone With Depression Part 2

This is continuing on from the last post I did on the subject and these are useful for tips for helping support someone you know or care about cope and work through depression or anxiety.

But what I failed to mention, and I apologise for this, but I did explain in answer to a question someone had, that if you are the person suffering with depression or anxiety these are still useful advice to have, as you can use them to help better your own life, or pass them on to someone you know who wants to know how to help but doesn't know where to start.

I hope that cleared things up a bit.

Go Outside, Revel In The Fresh Air

As much as someone with depression or anxiety may not wish to leave the house, fresh air is a cure for all things. But obviously there are precautions to take, only take them if they wish and don't force them, and have baby steps with this, don't go to heavily popular areas, such as a beach in the height of the summer (unless you are one of those locals who knows the secret location of the empty magical beaches). Take them to areas that aren't over crowded with people and places they feel comfortable with. Pack a picnic and go lie in a sunlit meadow, plant some flowers in your garden.
Why is sunlight, fresh air and nature good for those suffering with depression or anxiety? I shall tell you now.
Being barefoot in the garden, wiggling your toes in the dirt helps ground you, you feel connected to earth. And believe it or not digging around in the soil, can actually act as an antidepressant. There's a strain of bacterium in the soil that when released when digging in the soil can trigger your body to produce serotonin, which elevates your mood and decreases anxiety. So this is why kids are so happy playing in the dirt and creating a mess, there is method in the madness you know.
Another good thing about being outside is sunshine. Sunshine is critical to vitamin D production, and Vitamin D can help alleviate depression.

Help Them Understand How You Are Feeling, Or Ask Them To Help You Understand

If you are suffering with anxiety or depression, if you able to, talk to someone you know or trust about ow you are feeling, as it will help them be able to understand and you can then work through plans on how to make you eel safer and more secure in your environment to help progress your recovery.
If its a loved one is suffering, don't force them to talk but help encourage them to confide in you so you can help them recover by stabilizing their environment and making them feel safer.
The main thing both those with anxiety and depression have in common is the feeling that they are alone in the world, and talking through this will help hugely in alleviating that feeling or fear that they are alone. But the main thing is never to force someone to talk, you shouldn't feel forced or coerced into expressing how you feel, and should do it in your own time and when you are ready. Talking before you are ready may cause more damage than good

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