The Rooster Teeth Safe Room
A safe haven for community members who have experienced cyber-bullying

Cyber bullying (online bullying) is when a person or a group of people uses the internet, email, online games or any other kind of digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else.

This group is for anyone who has experienced cyber-bullying, verbal abuse or any negative experiences while online. Whether that is Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, or even right here on

These negative experiences might make you want to hide yourself away from the world, but we are here to tell you that it will be ok. We are here for you, you are not alone and we will listen to you.

By being a member of this group you will not abuse or bully other community members, if there are any disagreements they will be civilly sorted out like adults. We are the best community in the world. Let's prove it.

This group will be providing help and advice in association with CyberSmile: an anti cyber-bullying charity based in the UK and America.

Alphabetical List of groups that actively do not tolerate cyber bullying:

- Community Comics
- Friendly Casual Gamers
- Game Kids
- Ladies of Rooster Teeth
- Oh! The Commanatee
- Pokemon Trainers
- Rooster Teeth Compliments
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- Rooster Teeth LGBT Pride
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March 1st, 2015

Helpful Hints & Advice

How To Help & Support Someone With Depression (Part 1)

Whether its someone you love, someone in your family, a best friend or someone you work with, you may feel like you aren't doing enough or have no idea what to do to help and support someone with depression.

Depression can come about because of so many things, prolonged abuse or bullying, stress or hard life, even having a baby.

But there are simple things that you can do to show support and care to someone who has revealed to you that they are indeed suffering with depression. But these tips can also be used to show love and support to anyone who has been struggling recently, with anything. And these simple things can help show the person that you can be trusted and that you care and are there for them whenever they need you.

Help Keep Clutter At Bay
When a person is feeling overwhelmed or is falling into depression, they begin to feel like the world is speeding up while they themselves are slowing down. This means things that they could normally perform easily begin to stack up causing the problem to become worse as they become more and more overwhelmed.
You can help ease the pressure by doing certain things to ease the clutter and make them feel less overwhelmed. Paper plates instead of ordinary ones to make sure the dishes don't pile up, help them with paperwork, keeping things tidy and in their place, label things if they find it hard to find them.
All of these things will help ease the pressure and make them feel less like the world is moving on without them. It may even help you have a more stress free life by being more organised for them. And if they feel like you shouldn't be making the effort for them, as most depression sufferers do, then the reason of it will also help you to have a stress free life and therefore benefits everyone, will help them be more comfortable with the help.

Fix Them A Healthy Meal
We've all been in a position where we have been ill so we don't feel like eating, or had a stressful day and come home to devour an entire tub of ice cream. We've all had those days. But for depression sufferers, those days can turn into weeks and then months. Even, in some cases years. They either refuse or have no appetite to eat, or gorge themselves on food, on continually eat junk and fast food as it is easier to get or prepare. Its not laziness its just a symptom of the illness they have, and telling them off will not make them feel better. But unfortunately, both overeating and under-eating can help prolong their depression and hinder recovery..
Instead gentle encouragement is best advised for those who don't feel like eating. For the ones who overeat, offer gentle encouragement to lessen the amount they eat slightly. And if they feel like eating, offer them healthy snacks or bring in healthy food that you've made. Some people even provide home cooked healthy meals that they can store in the freezer at to cook or eat quickly when they have none of the desire to commit themselves to a long cooking process.
As long as you help them down the path of healthy eating and are there to support them then you should be able to help keep them healthy and aid their recovery.

End of Part 1. Part 2 to come soon
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