Sponsors vs. Freeloaders
For fans of the former machinima series that pit the sponsors of Red vs. Blue against the freeloaders.

Sponsors vs. Freeloaders was a machinima series starring popular sponsors of Red vs. Blue, sticking them in Blood Gulch and making them fend off the attacks of various freeloaders (people who can sponsor Red vs. Blue, but don't). The release of Episode 5 saw the series evolve, making the show less about noobs on the forum, and creating a plot concerning the struggle for life in the Flame War.

The tenth and final episode, Doppelganger, was released on July 28th, 2006, and the series was abandoned a few months later. Some veterans of the series still remain on the site.

In October 2008, Sevenar released plot synopses of episodes eleven through thirteen, all of which answered many fans' questions. Alas, the synopsis of the final episode wasn't revealed (Sevenar citing problems with the continuity for its omission), leaving many fans without a proper ending.
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November 2nd, 2008

Episode 13 Synopsis

Courtesy of Sevenar.
049 Mournful Origin explains to Pixie (in a disjointed, annoying manner, as the Monitors usually do) that he is quite fascinated by time, and has decided to "play" with it. He has resurrected her to be his agent, and plans to send her back in time to see if she can actually create a paradox, as his own experimentation has been unable to do so so far. Realizing that such a thing would be disastrous if she were to succeed, she claims that she lacks the power to do anything about the past even if she went back. Mournful Origin gives her an odd piece of Forerunner technology, the Moderation Engine, and tells her to do as she pleases with its infinite power, as long as she can create a paradox for him to observe. As she prepares to depart, however, the Monitor tells her, somewhat cryptically, that he hopes she has better luck than the next fellow will. Meanwhile, the strike force prepares to assault the Gulch. Zatch tries to disable the air-defenses, but is only partially successful. One of the 3 Pelicans is destroyed in mid air (obviously the one full of redshirts, er, nondescript blueberries), while the other two manage to crashland and deploy the remaining troops. A humongous firefight ensues, with the Blues vastly outnumbered by the Reds. Pixie uses the Moderation Engine to appear to Sev in the bathroom before he is sent back in Episode 7, but cannot fully materialize--a shimmering figure in Active Camo tells him she's "not even close" to being Jesus Christ, despite his exclamation. She explains about the respawn mechanism and the timed events (i.e., Kat's armor heater failure) as she knows them from Katyara's recap in Episode 11, but she is not in full control of the Mod Engine and disappears before she can tell him much more. The intrusion into the timeline is noticed by two others, though: 049 Mournful Origin...and Active Camo Man.
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