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Seems that we get all of these great ideas, concepts, links, polls, pics, and a Chainsaw of Doom, and we have no place to keep them! It seems like we could use a place to hang out and keep our junk!

To check out what happens in the Recon Thread, click on the link below!

Red vs Blue Reconstruction Thread

Thanks for stopping by and hope you hang out from time to time!

One final note - I have a journal that has links to resources for new people in My Journal Entry. Please don't let the title throw you off! The links are a form of serum - in case of a break out!

Got News? Got Reviews? Submit them in the link below:

News Article Thread

Remember - keep it within the Terms of Use.

Weekly schedule:

Tuesday: Review of weeks Red vs Blue episode by

Anybody who is willing to help with the creation of a "History of the Recon Thread" journal, send a message to either Caboose453, or Freelancer05
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September 17th, 2013

A Journey Through Time

What were your favorite moments in the history of this thread?
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