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This is the group for Agent Texas if you don't like her then you can buck off if you do then please join.

This is the group that bows down to Freelancer Texas as she is the most kick ass character of red vs blue. She is awesome because she likes to cause pain and she is nice and mean and cybernetic chicks are awesome in wars. I stand corrected "I wouldn't say I am mean, I just get paid to do mean things."
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July 6th, 2011

Nice One Texas!

After reviewing the latest videos of Agent Texas, it has come to my attention that Texas is just a bad ass and she is so awesome, make the other people not as awesome, but still kinda awesome. Sorry Church, Caboose, Tucker, Sister, Griff, Simmons, Sarge, Doc, Donut, and Lopez.

Hopefully Season 9 will be extremely bad ass. Loving the Season so far, but I really don't understand where this is going, I would really want to know how it unfolds. Happy Late Forth of July everybody! Hope that you guy were safe.
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