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March 2nd, 2010

Team Haiti

This Thread is for Team Haiti and Fans to discuss Team Haiti and all its Grifball glory!!!

Formerly Team America/Russia/Cuba/Canadia Eh?/India, Team Country is back and with a purpose. Usually we try and go for some name we can get a kick out of, but this season we have decided to be a little more serious and show support for a country in need. So in honor of that, we decided to be Team Haiti. With this name choice, we have also decided to donate $0.05 per kill, $1.00 per score, $5.00 per win and $5.00 per highlight appearance to the American Red Cross's Haiti Relief and Development fund. All of those numbers will double for playoff games. I am also setting up a button where anyone is welcome to donate to the cause. Our goal is to raise $500 between our performance donations and donations from others. If you would like to donate based on our performance as well, send me a message and we can work something out. I would also like to encourage other teams to set up a program like this where they play and donate to a charity they support based on their team's performance!

Team Members:


PP MooCow PP RT | GB

An original Team Country member and long time captain, MooCow considers himself to be a true hybrid for his team. He is the former commissioner of Grifball and one sexy man. Have you seen his abs?

andrew panton RT | GB

New to Team Country, the legend comes out of retirement to remind the world why he was the original runner in Grifball. This man inspired many when the sport began and is now washed up.

Go0sE4pReS RT | GB

Original Team Country member and best friend to MooCow, Goose is one of the first host tanks (from back when no one knew what host was). He may only be good on host, but we still love him!

Im An Annamal RT | GB

Two season verteran of Team Country, Annamal (formerly jlamanna) is known for his all around amazing skill and his slight lag. Hence his common nickname of "lagmanna". With or without lag, he will still make you cry.

IncrediMatt RT | GB

Original Team Country member, Matt was on the frontier of hammer jumping. The once feared tank, has been a little out of practice, so much isn't expected of him. He will distract you genious though, so watch out!

KooGa ShArK RT | GB

Three season Team Country veteran and little brother of MooCow, KooGa has only had a positive K/D spread on host. While he may not be the best player in the league, he doesn't betray and he does what he is told.

U sToL mY CoKiE RT | GB

Original member and former team captain, Cokie (formerly grif256) is a mostly silent man who never seems to speak unless he is told to shut up. No one has ever seen his face.

Team Haiti - Relieving earthquakes one kill at a time!
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