Like when badass, giant robot piloting chicks occasionally dress like bunnies? Then join this group!

I recently searched for a Kallen group and what? there wasn't one!!
Everyone knows that Kallen rocks!!!
So I think she should have her own group!

If you don't know who Kallen is, don't bother joining this group. Go watch Code Geass first then come back.
We update this group often. Please watch us.
This is an anti-flaming group so don't be a dick. We can and will kick you.
Use proper spelling. We can and will kick your ass.
We will exercise the right to use exclamation points at the end of most sentences!!
Above all have fun and talk about whatever.

Kallen Stadtfeld
First appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Last appearance Season 2, Episode 25
Voiced by
(Japanese) Ami Koshimizu
(English) Karen Strassman

Aliases Kallen Kouzuki (real name), Q-1[1], Red Lotus, Ace of the Elevens, Ace of the Black Knights
17 (first season)
18 (second season)
Gender Female
D.O.B. March 29, 2000 a.t.b.[2]
Nationality Britannian-Japanese
Occupation Ashford Academy student, Member of the Black Knights, Captain of Zero's Personal Guard
Known relatives
Mother (Japanese)
Father (Britannian)
Naoto Kouzuki (Elder brother, deceased)
Stepmother (Britannian)

Allegiance Black Knights
Position Captain of Squad Zero
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December 19th, 2009

Let's try this one more time.

Morning Ladies! Long time no see. I missed all of you. Due to recent activity in the Kallen pics thread I've decided to try and bring this group back from the dead. I'm making a new thread for Kallen quotes and Kallen video clips. We'll post polls and vote on the best pics, quotes, and clips. Can you handle that? (Nod your head....) Good.
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