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September 22nd, 2010


With Reach a week old, it seems like a good time to start discussing maps we will be using for the upcoming GRL seasons. We do not have a date set just yet, but as soon as we have a large (10+) set of quality maps we can think about it. Up until we begin the season proper we will be holding mini tournaments and custom game nights to test out tracks to ensure that they promote good racing.

This thread has been created for the discussion of new tracks. Please remember when posting a map our 'golden rules' for map submission.
- Tracks must be 'safe'. This means that falling off the track is difficult or impossible. This encourages racing, as close driving on an 'air' track often results in one or more players falling off the track.
- Tracks must be 'uniform'. This means that the tracks contain no 'surprises' that may result in players losing control of their vehicle for no fault of their own. This means no jumps, bumps or obstacles.
- Tracks must be 'fun'. This means that tracks should encourage good racing and reward good racers.
- Tracks should be 'double wide' (the width of a 'double wall') throughout the majority of the map.

All posts should contain a link to the file in question as well as at least on picture or video.

Thanks, and happy racing.

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