Zombie Panic! Source
For all your Zombie-related needs.

This group is dedicated to the free PC mod available on Steam known as Zombie Panic! Source.

Here we will be posting the information regarding the server exclusive to Red Versus Blue members, the password to access this server and all the fun to be had in this server.

We will also provide information about the group on Steam and better ways to connect and game it up!
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September 7th, 2009


Sorry guys I've been out of town at the cabin and haven't had much time to be online working on Zombie Panic! Source related items.

I have been having tremendous amounts of problems creating a server and am about ready to call it quits. If anyone is willing to try making a server the instructions can be found here.

So far three other people have been working or trying to work on creating one but we've all run afoul of problems so please do the group a HUGE favor and try to get a server going so we can have our private place to play ZPS.

Do NOT forget to leave your steam ID with me so I can invite you to the Steam group
Zombie Panic Source RVB (ZPS RvB)
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