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A group to post Rooster Teeth Productions demotivational posters

Thanks Rooster Teeth, for all the great videos, let us pay you back by making posters
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February 4th, 2015

Yes, we're still here.

Or at least, I'm still here. To be honest, it's an eerie feeling to see this place like this. Its just here frozen time, a time when RT was still relatively small. Heck, back when they were still in the old office on the second floor above a restaurant. It kinda makes me feel old looking back, I was a freshman in sophomore high school when We (TbErNaNd,disneyjedi87,and myself) began this group, now its been 4 years since I've graduated.

I'm not guaranteeing that I will make posters again anytime soon, I mean the poster joke is past its prime, and in a world with new Internet memes being invented and forgotten every week, it seems unlikely it will happen.
But, this doesn't mean You guys can't relight the flame from this faded ember, and bring new life to this place, and heck If I see something I like, I'll post it on the front page.

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