The "I Would Totally F**K Burnie" Group
Who else finds power sexy?

All the other Rooster Teeth staff out there have their own fan followings of sex crazed Mongols, except the one person who gave that staff their jobs, Burnie Burns. Besides, this group isn't just for people who want to sleep with Burnie, it's also for fans of his work, people who think he's a great writer, and just a collection of insane stalkers... I mean fans. So... JOIN NOW! Because whoever said power isn't sexy, is a retarded RT hater..
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January 4th, 2013

We won't miss this year!


Some of us even planned ahead!
@GodsLilTippy contacted a buddy and commissioned to have this made:'s a BEER HOLSTER made of HORSE HIDE.

The price was extremely reasonable: $25.
If you would like to donate to the cost, let us know in the comments and we'll hook you up with a paypal address of sorts.
Donating will also get your name on this lovely note, again, created by @Godsliltippy

The Beer Holster
Hooked to your belt, the beer holster will safely hold your beverage of choice in place during many of life moments. Never again will you have to worry about drinking someone else's spit, as your beverage will be attached to you during parties and cookouts.
The holster was handmade and constructed out of horse hide. This seemed fitting for Austin's very own Horse Puncher.
A Mahogany antique stain, water based acrylic, and saddle soap, as well as the ground up souls of ponies (per the leatherworker) were used to give the holster an old western feel.
We hope you enjoy your birthday!

All the love and birthday wishes,
Tippy (GodslilTippy)
(insert more names)

If we get over $25 in donations, should we get him another Alamo Drafthouse gift card?

I'm going to put a deadline of January 14th. If there's an issue (OMG I don't get paid til after that and so on), let me know in a private message and we'll work something out.

What do you all think?
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