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Because being prepared for the zombie apocalypse is not enough.

Are you a Survivalist by nature?
Do you want to be prepared when disaster strikes?
Are you eager to learn the skills required?
Do you have some of these skills and want to share your knowledge?
Then maybe this is a group for you.

This is not some group focused on the more wild fantasies but on the skills that will get a person through any disaster ranging from short term survival after a severe storm like katrina, to economic depression like the 1930's, or even a nuclear event like the one narrowly avoided in the Cold War.

Just remember: Always be Prepared.
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September 5th, 2010

POW survival

I was recently watching a movie called "Rescue Dawn" when I realized that they're really aren't any survival instructions when someone has become a prisoner of war. So, heres some steps to take in order to survive. I cannot honestly say they're fool-proof or tested, but its the best I could think of by cross-referencing what POW's went through.

1.) IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) - The most important thing you can do is find out who is your friend when you first get taken to the prision camp. A good escape plan requires watch-like precision, and that means having enough friends to do the job.

Obviously the guards are your greatest enemy, but sometimes other POW's can also become a problem.

- Some POW's may suffer from stockholm syndrome. Half of those who have it will live in constant fear of getting implicated in an escape attempt, in which they fear getting tortured for something they didn't do. The other half will think that they will get rewarded for revealing a prisioner escape attempt.

- Other POW's will just have lost there minds. They'll cause you trouble just because its how they think.

2.) Make friends - Once you have identified friendly POW's, start earning there trust. It'll take some work to get them to agree to be apart of your escape plan, but you have a better chance to escape with a group.

3.) The hard goodbye - You may have to kill other POW's that you have established as a threat. Its not a pleasent prospect, and it will probably haunt you for the rest of your life. But your group is counting on you. The lives of your fellow POW's are on the line as well as your own. If you have to kill a single POW that threatens to jeapordize your escape, do it quick. And be prepared to get tortured for killing that POW. It often happens to POW's who even start fights.

4.) Memorization - You need to memorize the patterns that the gaurds take. If need be, take some stones and sticks and use them to act as an illustration so you can memorize where the gaurds go and at what times.

5.) Food - You need to hide and store some food. Unless you have survival training in the enemies environment, you need to preserve some food for the long trek back to friendly countries.

6.) Weapons and Tools - Self explainitory

7.) Timing - The best time for your escape is two days after enemy re-enforcements leave the camp. You'll have the element of suprise on your side for when it happens.
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