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Are you lost? Unsure how to progress? Need someone at least to point you in the right direction? Linksys or Netgear? You have come to the right place. Try here before going to a RT Staff personal comments page.

Now for one person to answer everyone questions would be too much to handle so I am making this a group responsibility. In the forum section post your Drunk Tank, Rooster Teeth, and IT questions. Try to be civil.

For the subject put in “Question: <Subject Matter or Summary>” for example: Question: Router Help would be your tag line. This will help people see your post and help you with the question. I will try to personally go through and help the ones I know about. If multiple people answer a question, vote for your answer you agree with a +1 Ditto.

I personally work with IT and a self-proclaimed computer geek so I’ll try to help with IT issues and of course anything with DT or RT.
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June 15th, 2010

E3 Items

Okay okay I am little late for E3 talk. My bad people! On a side note: Microsoft presentation was awesome.

Now remember feel free to post any questions in regards to E3 Coverage, where to get live shows, what was announce, etc ,etc.

Here is a free one: Nintendo Live Coverage e3.gamespot.com/press-conference/nintendo-e3/

Have fun! Enjoy the Q&A
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